Friday, September 10, 2010

Confirmed+Unbelievable: The PA/Homeland Security bulletin **Is REAL!**

As someone posted yesterday.... with a bit more details:
This story has been reported by ProPublica, and CityPaper...
links below, including to the FULL TEXT of "PA Intelligence Bulletin #131"

  •  Last week, PERSON-X (someone known by me and well known in the anti-drilling activist community) leaked a paragraph from a confidential bulletin from the PA Dept. of Homeland Security which suggests people who oppose gas drilling are violent terrorists and are being monitored. PERSON-X obtained this document from (I believe) someone who works in PA as a first responder

  • People on various lists begin to question its authenticity due to it's outrageous claims. Has our government become so corrupt as to label people who are engaged in asserting their basic rights in a democracy, "terrorists"?

  • The confusion was compounded by my satire piece showing how it should have been written. (i.e., the capitalist gassers who are foreign to this land are the terrorists wanting to steal our natural resources, pollute our land and water, and destroy our local rights of sovereignty)

  • Side note: In just the past year, three of Gov. Ed Rendell's top staff left state jobs to work in governmental relations jobs for the gas industry. Earlier in August, two consulting firms owned by former governor Tom Ridge signed contracts to serve as strategic advisors to the Marcellus Shale Coalition. Two of Ridge's former aides are also involved in lobbying on behalf of the industry.   Source:

  • As identified at the top of "Bulletin #131", The PA Dept. of Homeland Security is apparently working with an Israel-based spy agency called  ITRR, the Institute of Terrorism Research & Response.

  • Somehow, PERSON-X is tracked down as the source of the leak. PERSON-X gets an email from the head of the PA Dept. of Homeland Security, James Powers, who was the author of the document "PA Intelligence Bulletin #131". However, the "intelligence" provided to Mr. Powers by ITRR erroneously identifies PERSON-X as belonging to a pro-drilling forum!!! ... (maybe PA should hire a different spy agency!)

  • Mr. Powers chastises PERSON-X for leaking the document and says, "We want to continue providing this support to the Marcellus Shale Formation natural gas stakeholders while not feeding those groups fomenting  dissent against those same companies."

  • This story was reported in CityPaper:

  • Also CC'd on the Mr. Powers email to PERSON-X are persons working for The Bravo Group, a PR firm founded by Chris Bravacos, one of Tom Ridge's top aides:

  • The full text of the "PA Intelligence Bulletin #131"

  • ProPublica breaks the story:

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