Monday, April 23, 2012

SGEIS Hearings, the Complete Record (well, almost!)

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Here is a list of all the audio and video (of what has been posted) of the NY 2011-2012 SGEIS hearings. It was a monumental task! I recorded 40 hours of hearings and related (press conferences, street scenes) during just the month of November 2011! It took a team of 3 editors to get all this material online, and there are a few missing spots: Missing segments:
  • Oneonta: (Only partial video exists / last 1/2 -- will be posted soon! HOWEVER: The full audio is online! courtesy WSKG, recorded by BH/Shaleshock Media) Here is a highlight from the session: Adrian Kuzminski: 41 Reasons to Withdraw the draft SGEIS

  • Dansville 6pm session video missing -- will be posted soon! (full audio is online, courtesy WSKG)

  • Loch Sheldrake 6pm session video missing (no audio is online... video should be uploaded soon!)
So here is a complete record of what is posted, and I promise I will try to get the missing segments online soon!

SGEIS Hearings, complete record:


All recorded by Bill Huston, except
a) Dansville, audio by Scott Hollis/WSKG
b) Binghamton 1pm, camera and edit by Cris McConkey
c) TCCOG Ithaca hearings recorded by Bill & Cris, edit by Cris McConkey

Most of the editing/uploading was done by Nick Bongiorno, with assistance from BH See also:
    • 6 pm session
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