Thursday, June 16, 2016

Actual screenshots from FOIL "response" from NYS DEC for i3 SPDES permit

This is not about fracking, directly. But it does have to do with threats to clean water, specifically, anyone who lives downstream of Endicott along the Susquehanna River (Vestal, Appalachin, Owego, Nichols, Waverly, Sayre/Athens PA, and points south)

I did a FOIL with the NYS DEC for i3 Electronics' (IBM successor in Endicott) application for a SPDES permit renewal.

SPDES=State Pollution Discharge Elimination System.
This is a state-administered permit authorized by by Federal Law: the Clean Water Act.

Even the name is PSYOPS:
"State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System"

What is it? The DEC says this:

The SPDES program is designed to eliminate the pollution of New York waters and to maintain the highest quality of water possible....


Bullshit. It has nothing to do with eliminating pollution.

The only thing it does (allegedly) is to measure and regulate the amounts of pollutants going into the river to meet "Clean Water Standards". 

But as you will see, it does a REALLY LOUSY job at this. I am doing a series of videos about what is happening in Endicott and will be digging deep into the SPDES program using i3's permit as a case study.

Here are the first two:

What Stinks in Endicott?

Who put the Stink in my Drink?

So here's the thing. The document they sent me in "response" to my foil:

1) was a really bad B/W scan of a paper printout.
2) was 22 MB!!
3) Does NOT contain searchable text
4) and the illustrations are unreadable. See for yourself (attached screenshots).

On the first page of the application it is clearly stated that the applicant sent a paper copy as well as an electronic PDF.

Now here's the thing: DID DEC make their decision on the permit based on this crappy, not searchable, illegible document? IF SO, THIS IS A PROBLEM.

Or does DEC just send to the public a REALLY CRAP version so we can't figure out what is going on? THIS IS ALSO A PROBLEM.

This would be really funny if we weren't talking about dumping millions of gallons of toxins into the Susquehanna River every month.

I am appealing this FOIL request.

I've just heard the permit is complete, and will be "public noticed" shortly. There will be a followup meeting, and HOPEFULLY a public hearing.

More on this shortly....

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