Friday, March 8, 2013

Wherever Fracking Goes, Death and Injuries Follow

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Wherever Fracking Goes, Death and Injuries Follow

I made a composite map showing that injuries and death have followed shale fracking wherever it has gone.

For this map, I combined two sources, the map of the List of the Harmed, by, and also the list of 63,000 shale gas and oil wells, provided by Post Carbon Institute.

List of the Harmed

1: Mapped by Fractracker

2: Map of Fracked Oil and Gas wells by Post Carbon Institute

image 1: location of 63,000 fracked oil and gasshale wells from PCI
click to make larger)

image 2: Location of the harmed
from the "List of the Harmed"

(click to make larger)

This is the one I want you to see:
Click on the image to make it large,
and/or if the animation doesn't work:

image 3: Animated Composite of image 1 and 2
(click to make large)


Video: List of the Harmed:

The List of the Harmed:

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Dave Meiser said...

Intereting map bill thanks for making this.

Tina Mccafferty said...

Thank you, Bill. It sure is telling isn't it.

Steven Todd said...

No surprises. Hope the great jobs and cheap gas are worth the collateral damage.

April Summers said...

Check the above map on fracking, vs deaths from cancer in the USA.