Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hawkins HUGE LEAD in post debate poll!!


  • Hawkins: 84%!!!
  • Astorino 11%
  • McDermott 3%
  • Cuomo 1%


Fwd: NY Gov. Debate tonight tonight w/HOWIE!!


Debate Tonight! 8pm on your local PBS station, or online at Buffalo News.
(link below) DONATE: Howie Hawkins for NY Governor

On Facebook? Share This:

Howie is polling at 9% (Quinnipiac Poll) and RISING!!!
Assuming 4.5 million voters, this means 400,000 votes!
He just needs 1.5 Million TO WIN!
WE CAN DO IT, New York!!

If you -- and all of his supporters
can get just Eight Friends Each
Howie could win by a LANDSLIDE


Auspicious Number (400,000) signifies Rare Opportunity

1:Crisis -- 2:Response -- 3:Opportunity

    400,000 years of climate record

    in the Vostok Ice Core Samples
    signals pending climate catastrophe.
Note: "You are here" is off the charts

The ice layer at the South Pole near Vostok Station is melting at an unprecedented rate.
  • RESPONSE! 400,000:
    Attendance at the People's Climate March

  • And a RARE Opportunity!
    400,000 NYers
    are now polling for
    Howie Hawkins!

    A true progressive in every way.
    Presently polling at 9%
    according to latest Quinipiac Poll 10-8-2014. 

    We can expect 4.5M people to vote.

    Let's Do the Math:
    4,500,000 * 0.9 = ~400,000.

    If each of us got 8 Friends for Howie(*)
    we could reach 3 Million NYers!

    (* it's the Eight Friends for Howie Challenge!)

    In a 3-way race,
    we only need 1.5M for the win!

    This is unprecedented!
    A miracle opportunity!
We have never had this combination of elements in at least 30 years or more!

  • Friends, This like a planetary alignment!
    An extremely rare moment. Like Hailey's Comet.
    A Once in a Lifetime Door of Opportunity!
Friendly reminder: In Pennsylvania,
they don't have a candidate:

Anti-Frackers in PA:

(Speaking of ONLY the Governor's Race)

In NY --- we DO have a GREAT Candidate!!! 

Howie Hawkins
(Amazing Progressive Candidate for Governor of NY)

People, this is like Hailey's Comet.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime Alignment of Factors.

It's like all the planets in a row.

I have never seen a set-up like this.

Election is Nov 4th 2014!

OM! Shanti Shanti Shanti!
400,000 Signals an Auspicious Time!!

If New York -- a major-ass state in World Affairs --
-- and the ONLY ONE to keep Fracking Away so far...
could elect a Climate Protective Progressive

This would send a wave around the world!

God bless you all and everyone

Thursday, October 16, 2014

FERC's Illegal abuse of NEPA -- EA Fast Track vs. full EIS

Here is the lowdown on the FERC a priori EA vs EIS decision
made prior to NEPA scoping!
They seem to decide before they have all the facts.

I credit Maya van Rossum of DRN for bringing this issue to my attention.

I think this is extremely damning.

May take a legal challenge, but we would
expect to see a lot of projects presently being
fast-tracked slowed down.

  • Dominion Cove Point LNG Export (CP13-113)
  • Dominion New Markets Project (CP14-497)
  • and the Arlington Gas Storage at Seneca Lake (CP13-83) 
  • ...and likely many others
... are all being fast-tracked with the illegal EA process.

You can actually see this illegal process on FERC's website, in their flowchart.

Note well there is no path to convert an EA into an EIS.

Now read the NEPA Handbook!! You will see that after an EA, there should be a FOSI or FONSI determination. If a FOSI, then there MUST BE an EIS. However, this path is missing from the flowchart.

  • FOSI = Finding of Significant Impact 
  • FONSI = Finding of No Significant Impact
  • EA = Envirionmental Assessment
  • EIS = Environmental Impact Statement (min. 2-3 years)

I do not see  the term "FONSI / FOSI" in the law itself  42 USC Title 15 (NEPA).

It originates in one of these locations:
There does seem to be a path whereby the application
does not need an EA to show a FOSI so as to trigger an EIS.

So the statement "an EA is required in either case" does not appear to be correct.
(I may have got this wrong earlier).

There is a legal fast-track to get to a FULL EIS,
but there is no legal fast track to AVOID a full EIS.

Only an EA can decide that upon the FOSI/FONSI determination.

In typical in-your-face style,
the FERC does not hide this fact they are doing this!!!

The bad news is I see all kinds of ridiculous cases (including one involving Monsanto-- not a FERC case obviously, but still NEPA) where the courts showed a FONSI where clearly a FOSI is indicated.
The full EIS vs. the EA "Fast Track"
Here is JUST ONE WAY that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is violating the law (of many)


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I just heard you endorsed Howie! 
This is HUGE!


  • Also Don Barber, supervisor town of Caroline, prominent Democrat
  • Seth Peacock, Ithaca's first Black Judge and prominent Democrat
  • Matt Ryan, former Mayor of Binghamton, prominent Democrat!
  • Walter Hang wrote, "Howie Hawkins, the honorable Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate,
    killing the DOH "review" and the Draft SGEIS.  He also pledged to ban fracking if elected."
  • Cris McConkey, Shaleshock Media -- "Business as usual is no longer an option. I MUST vote for Howie."

Know of any other big-name academics, scientists,
health professional, or attorneys etc
who want to join the winning team?

Mathematically, the WIN is easy to demonstrate:
  • 1 person gets 8 friends
      in one day. (yes, a stretch goal).

  • Then these each get 8 more next day.
In just 7 days we reach 2.0 million people.
(8 ^ 7) = 2,097,152

We have 20 days and only need 1.5 M for the win.

(We get a BIG PUSH from early celebrity
endorsements like yours!)

We have the internet!
and phones and our legs.

If someone can make a shnazzy video
to give this message, and if the video gets ... say 4,000 hits,

if this video can translate into just 4,000 viewers 
motivated to get 8 friends, etc...
then we just need 3 days to reach 2M people.

Remember this? (our recent history)

  • 13,000 comments on the dSGEIS
    -- A Miracle!

  • 67,000 comments on the rdSGEIS
    -- NO WAY! Another Miracle!

  • 204,000 comments on the regs
    -- Wow... A lucky streak? (over Christmas too!)

  • 400,000 people in the streets
    NYC / People's Climate March -- Holy God.

    For a moment, even the frackers got silent and took notice.

Four Miracles in a Row?
Can we make ONE MORE?
1,500,000?  => YES it is possible!!!

Speaking of 400,000... Here is 400,000 years of climate record:

So it seems urgent that we take BOLD ACTION.

Pennsylvania does not have a candidate.
WE* DO!!
(*New York)

With Howie, it's like we're holding an ACE
and the Blackjack table has a HOT DECK
(lots of 10 cards left). 

The winning strategy is to signal ALL OF OUR FRIENDS
to this table and to MAKE BIG BETS!
  • Precipice of Climate Catastrophe
  • PLUS Massive Social Movement in response
  • PLUS a STRONG progressive candidate for a major US State!
I have never seen a setup like this in 30 years or more.

I am praying that we fully take advantage of this opportunity.
God bless you my friend Bob Howarth!!!
We can turn this into
100,000 votes for Howie OR MORE!

Howie was at 60,000 four years ago
+ est. 100,000 more votes due to your endorsement alone
= 160,000 => now rough guess,
maybe 300,000.

We only need to get each present Howie supporter
to each get 5-10 more  FOR THE WIN in 20 days.


Thank you x 10,000!!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Dont be silenced by FERC! Comment NOW on Dominion's plan to bring more FRACKED GAS into NY

Photo: BH

This just in from an ad hoc team of folks looking over the Dominion New Market Project. 
I don't see any official group name or author, but I will tell you this has been produced
and vetted by some of the top frack-fighters in the state.

So IMO you should consider this ... "important" :) -- BH

PS: Remember: Sharing is caring :)

Comment NOW on Dominion's plan to bring more FRACKED GAS into NEW YORK!
Thank you to everyone who attended FERC's terribly-conducted scoping hearing last week on Dominion's "New Market Project." Threatening to bring a billion more cubic feet of fracked gas into New York every day, Dominion Transmission Inc. wants to squeeze more gas into its aging pipeline network by building two massive compressor stations and dramatically expanding a third. These three compressor stations alone would dump 200,000 additional tons of greenhouse gas emissions and cancer-causing air pollutants into the atmosphere every year.
Those who were at the hearing saw first-hand how FERC was totally unprepared for the opposition it received, even admitting that it made a big mistake by scheduling just one hearing in an illegally overcrowded room. But now we need to drive home the message that apologies are not good enough.

We must demand that FERC schedule MORE SCOPING HEARINGS in each of the affected areas, especially where the THREE massive compressor stations are proposed: HORSEHEADS, GEORGETOWN, and BROOKMAN CORNERS. And we must demand that FERC extend the OFFICIAL time period for submitting scoping comments so that communities, organizations, and individuals have fair and adequate opportunity to weigh in on how FERC reviews Dominion's proposed project.

But until we hear otherwise, the official deadline for scoping comments is still October 20th, which means that your help is needed right now! Here's how to comment:


Submitting comments electronically is actually the best way, but it's a bit tricky.
It involves using the "eComment" feature on FERC's website , begin the process by clicking the orange and white "eComment" tab in the middle of the page. (To send attachments, you have to use the "eFiling" feature and first create an account using the "eRegister" feature.)

You'll receive another email after this one with detailed instruction for how to submit comments to FERC using "eComment". But if you still have trouble commenting online, don't let that stop you! You can still send your comments in by paper mail.

Send written comments to:

Kimberly D. Bose. Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE, Room 1A
Washington, DC 20426

All scoping comments must be received by October 20th. So for paper mailing, please post-mark by October 18th.
And be sure to identify the docket number for the Dominion "New Market" Project, which is CP14-497-000.

In addition to objecting to the project, please insist that the following be part of FERC's scope of review.

--- It is outrageous that FERC scheduled only one scoping hearing for a major project that impacts much of New York and 200 miles of pipeline. FERC must schedule additional scoping hearings in affected areas, especially where compressor stations would be built or significant expanded in Horseheads (Chemung County), Georgetown (Madison County), and Brookman Corners (Montgomery County near Otsego County). FERC must also extend the OFFICIAL deadline for scoping comments by at least 90 days so that communities, organizations, and individuals have adequate opportunity to weigh in on how FERC will review Dominion's proposed project.

--- FERC should require a full Environmental Impacts Statement (EIS) instead of letting Dominion pursue an expedited Environmental Assessment (EA). The EIS process would require a much more comprehensive analysis of technical and safety issues relating to carrying an additional 112,000 Dekatherms of gas per day in Dominion's aging pipeline network, as well as a more thorough analysis of all direct, indirect, and cumulative induced impacts. A full EIS should be performed.

--- The increased risk of pipeline failure and catastrophic fire or explosion due to higher pressure and flow rate must be fully analyzed--especially since parts of Dominion's network are up to 50 years old, corrosion, degradation, or other stresses have likely occurred over time, and the original pipe may have been constructed using inferior welding methods. Maximum allowable operating pressure must be disclosed and verified. This danger impacts not only people living near compressor stations, but along the ENTIRE Dominion pipeline corridor.

--- Dominion has named this its "New Market Project" because it wants to create new markets for fracked gas. Therefore, a comprehensive build-out analysis of the negative cumulative impacts resulting from increased use of gas should be performed (including the likelihood of future power plants, CNG/LNG facilities, and other types of gas-infrastructure). A build-out analysis should also be performed of negative environmental, health, and societal impacts of more drilling and fracking enabled by additional pipeline capacity.

--- The Dominion pipeline connects to the Iroquois pipeline, which is planned for reversal so that it will carry gas from the U.S. to Canada. Dominion will therefore be a conduit, in part, for exporting gas out of the United States. FERC must analyze this conflict in determining domestic public need. It is also improper segmentation to consider this project without regard to all of the economic and environmental impacts of exporting natural gas, which the project facilitates.

--- A comprehensive health impact assessment should be performed to evaluate the negative effects, short and long-term, to people living near and at various distances from the proposed compressor stations. Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOC's), nitrogen oxides, ground-level ozone, and other hazardous air pollutants from compressor stations can cause cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological damage; birth defects, cancer; leukemia; infertility; burning of lungs, eyes, and throat; muscle pain; mental impairment, headaches, and a host of other acute and chronic illnesses. In particular, VOC's from the Brookman Corners compressor station would be 16 times higher than levels at the other two stations, Nitrogen Oxides would be three times higher, and Carbon Monoxide would be 5 times higher. Dominion MUST propose design alternatives to protect the public from this level of exposure. 

--- With the construction and expansion of two compressor stations in Horseheads and Georgetown, and the massive expansion of another one at Brookman Corners, Dominion would pump over 200,000 TONS of greenhouse gas and hazardous chemicals into the air every year, create noise pollution, impact wildlife, and industrialize pristine rural areas. These environmental, health, and community impacts must be comprehensively studied. Dominion claims that greenhouse gas emissions from the Brookman Corners compressor station alone would be just under the 100,000 TON threshold for a major emitter. This level is suspect and would certainly be exceeded if routine blowdowns and other activities are considered.

--- The public must be granted full access to information, including critical energy infrastructure information (CEII) necessary to assess emissions and safety factors. Local fire-fighters and emergency responders are often volunteers and may not be equipped or trained to respond to catastrophic events such as uncontrolled gas fires, explosion, and widespread exposure of the public to gas and airborn toxic chemicals that could be released during an incident. Response capability and the need for additional training or full-time responders must be thoroughly evaluated.

--- Safety and compliance records of Dominion must be disclosed in the record and considered by FERC.


INSTRUCTIONS for filing eCOMMENTS with FERC on Dominion's "New Market Project"

 (Thank you to Suzy Winkler for preparing these great instructions.)
Again, if you have trouble with any of this, send your comments in by paper mail as explained above.

The following instructions will help you file comments about Dominion's proposed project electronically using the "eComment” feature on FERC's website. First you fill out a brief form on FERC's website. Then FERC will then send you an email with a link allowing you to cut and paste your comment online.

Follow these instructions:

1)  Write a comment on your computer and save it. When it's time to enter your comment on the FERC website (#9 below), you will then be able to copy and paste your comment into the allotted space.

2)  Go to:

3) Click on the orange and white "eComment" button. An authorization page will open.
Fill in your name, address, email address and phone number.

4)  Type in the letters and numbers that you see in the gray box and choose the "Authorize" button.

5)  FERC will send you an email with a link. 
Select the link, which takes you to FERC's website. A form with your name and email will appear.

6) In the box marked "Enter Docket Number," fill in CP14-497 (with no spaces)

7) Click on the "Search" button and wait a moment for a response.
Choose the blue plus sign in the far right column under the “Select" heading and wait a moment for a response.

8)  Ignore the new blue box with additional information that appears on the screen.
Find the box for entering your comment slightly below. The system will allow you to enter up to 6000 characters.

9)  Cut and paste your previously prepared comment (from #1) into the box.

10)  Click on the "Send Comment" button in the lower left corner of the screen.

11)  FERC will send you an email saying that your comment has been received. This is your confirmation.
Please save the email.

12)  In the email there will be a link to view your comment in the "eLibrary"

** If you use the "Safari" browser on your computer, this process may give you trouble. For some computers it does and for others it works fine. If the system isn't responding as described above sImply download the "Firefox" browser from the internet and you will be in good shape to move forward.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unlike in PA, New York has a choice!

What is the next in this series? 13,000... 67,000... 204,000... 400,000....

What is the next in this series?

13,000...   2010 comments on the draft SGEIS (on fracking)
67,000...  2012 comments on the revised draft SGEIS
204,000...  2013 comments on the fracking regs
400,000....  2014 People's Climate March

Could it be, oh... just throwing out a guess...
1.5 Million?

It will ONLY take 1..5 million votes
in a 3 way race to WIN the NY Gubernatorial Election.

For reference,
here's the graph of 400,000 years
of climate data:

So let's image that we are in a SERIOUS CLIMATE CRISIS moment.

But let's say we have this AMAZING and MASSIVE
popular movement in response!

And let's also say we have a BALLOT LINE with an amazing
and popular candidate who represents our values.

  • Friends, 13,000 was a MIRACLE in 2010.
  • NO ONE EXPECTED 67,000--  a BIGGER miracle in 2012!
    ... and then!! 400,000 was an even bigger miracle in 2014!

Do you think we can GET OUT THE VOTE and rally 1.5 million people
to the polls on Nov 4, 2014 given we only have 3 weeks?

I DID NOT SAY THE NAME of any candidate in this email.
I'm just saying: IMAGINE IT!

1.5 Million People in 3 weeks is

We have the Internet and we have
Telephones and OUR LEGS!

Friends they DO NOT HAVE a progressive
anti-fracking candidate in Pennsylvania.

They have a) FRACK HARD,

Voters in PA might as well STAY HOME.

In New York: WE DO!!
Are we going to let this opportunity pass us by?

If we are to get 1.5 million people

We need to

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Need big NY 501c3s to produce a VOTER'S GUIDE ASAP!

There is NO PROHIBITION of political activities by 501c3 non-profits

Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, or to foster national or international amateur sports competition (but only if no part of its activities involve the provision of athletic facilities or equipment), or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided in subsection (h)), and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.

501c3's CAN distribute statements to influence legislation (as long as it is not a "substantial part" of activities).

Also 501c3's can produce neutral VOTER'S GUIDES.

I suggest the big anti-fracking non profits in the state
produce a neutral VOTERS GUIDE on the Gubernatorial race.

Peace Action (501c3) has done this for years.
You just have to structure it so the person has to read it,
and one choice does not jump out at you.


Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4

Sally Swell
This is the candidate with our values,
this JUMPS OUT at you...
Joe Schmoe

Carl Creepo

Right Way:

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4

Sally Swell
This is the candidate with our values. But you have to
carefully read the questions to get this.
Joe Schmoe

Carl Crap

Let me remind you of this. What's the next point on the chart?

It will ONLY take 1.5 Million votes for a WIN!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Friday, October 10, 2014

Wow! Excellent documentary from RT

This is really excellent, features a lot of friends in PA.

Watch and SHARE!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline: