Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Essential Resources for Fighting Fracking

Friends, if you want a series of booklets to give to legislators or anyone
to help them understand the reason and necessity for a ban,
Our criteria are that these sources should be
  • Compelling stories, good science, good journalism
  • Peer reviewed (if appropriate) and sourced/footnoted, mainstream sources
  • Any one of these could stand-alone as the ONE source you could give someone.
  • Extra credit for beautiful presentation.
  • Available free online in PDF form.
I recommend the following as
the BEST of the Best!

Some can be purchased as color, bound editions.

1: Food and Water Watch’s: The URGENT case for a ban on fracking :

Summary of all the reasons why fracking is inherently toxic, cannot be regulated, and therefore must be banned.

2: PACWA’s The List of the Harmed :

Thousands of documented cases of actual people impacted who have been harmed by fracking. Always being updated. Dozens on this list are now dead.

3: CHPNY’s Scientific, Medical, and Media Compendium :

This is an on-going summary of all of the scientific evidence of the harms of fracking, including from the community of scientists, public health professionals, academics / educators, engineers. Also lists publish stories in mainstream media for support. If you only get 1 source, get this.

4: Environment America’s Shalefield Stories

Actual stories of people and photos of impacted people.
This is a beautiful production, and compelling stories about real people.

5. Earthworks’ Blackout in the Gas Patch :

More stories about how the “regulation” of fracking in PA has failed to prevent harms.
Beautiful layout and compelling scientific journalism by Earthworks’ Nadia Steinzor.

6: Post Carbon Institute's Drill Baby Drill: Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Eara of Energy Abundance?

Canadian geologist and energy consultant David Hughes shows that shale gas is just another economic bubble, a short term fossil-fuel-fix, and not a long term energy plan.


My goal here is to include sources so compelling and complete,
that any of these could be the SINGLE-most important resources,
which could stand-alone in the power to persuade.
I’m open to growing this list. But I want to keep it short, maybe 10-12 maximum.

If you have suggestions for ESSENTIAL additions, please leave a comment.

Enjoy + share…

PS: this list seems to be replicated all of these places:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hey Bruce and other Teachout supporters:

New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) shared a photo.
September 9

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GO VOTE for Teachout/WU!!!

Vote today!! This one is SUPER IMPORTANT, friends! Registered Democrats-- Vote for
TEACHOUT/WU! -- Take off work. Call 5 of your friends and make sure they vote. If you
have elderly friends, offer to DRIVE THEM to the polls. This is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY,
New York!........................... DO IT! --PS: Share this!!! — with Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu.

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Top Comments

Greg Constas:

I have no intention on voting for this lady, she is just like every other politician,
she doesn't care. Fracking is just her platform that she will forget about 5 minutes
after she is elected.
Like · Reply · September 9 at 11:02am

ME: No way!! She is DIFFERENT!
Zephyr has PRINCIPLES!

Yeah? Maybe this is a misprint:

I hope there are some Democrats with COURAGE
in this state who will encourage Zephyr to ENDORSE HOWIE.

Does Teachout have Principles?

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

What is your choice, NY?

What's Your Choice, NY?

A) Astorino (R)
      -- Pro Fracking

B) Cuomo (D)
       -- Who knows? / On the Fence

C) Hawkins (G)
       -- Ban that shit!

What are you going to do?

What will you recommend people do?

a) Keep doing the SAME THING
you've been doing FOR 30 YEARS,
expecting a different result.

b) Try something NEW & DIFFERENT,
because that other strategy
hasn't worked out so well.

Like, you know.
Adapt with the times!

"Change is inevitable.
So, roll with it, baby!"
     -- Buddha

Friends --- We have to vote
with our Principles Showing.
This time!

I am telling you--
Howie can win this

but we have to PUSH BIG TIME!!!

  • Don't stay home.
  • Don't vote for Fence-Sitters!
  • ...or Frackers!

    The time is NOW.

Action must arise from

There is a

I will prove it to you numerically
in the coming days.

But it will take a

Do you THINK we can do it?

NY Miracles to Date:
  • Kept fracking out for 6 years. 
  • 13,000 comments in 2012
  • 67,000 comments in 2012
  • 200,000 comments in 2013!!!
  • 79 Bans and 99 Moratoria in 3 Years
  • Dryden and Middlefield ALL THE WAY!
  • (incomplete list)

This is our biggest hurdle:
YOUR BELIEF (vs doubt).

Did we learn anything from Teachout?
(our friend and Teacher)

Zephyr showed us that

Howie's platform is IDENTICAL!
In every significant way!

Are you willing to do this or not?

And if not, than
Speak up now.

And how should OUR ACTION
be inspired by our principles?

Need big courage now.

Look at it this way--

Worst case scenerio is... Gastorino gets elected.

Yet ---

(*AND PS: WE DID!!!)

Then why do you think
the same way?

Please show COURAGE NOW, friends.

I think we can do it.
I am asking for your help and support
in this task.

Please follow up on your listservs
which are open to political discussion.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missing Teachout Votes? Low turnout? Check my math...

One thing I like to do is Numerical Analysis.
It's just for fun.
I have no credentials.

But I like to crunch numbers.
Just look at the numbers,
graph them, and look for patterns.
Anyone can do this.

I know it may seem like a strange hobby.

SO-- I've first gotta admit, what started me on this journey of number crunching is to see if there is a winning strategy for Howie Hawkins in November.

Then I discovered something strange in the data concerning the recent Democratic Primary.
What looks like LOW TURNOUT.

So in the 2010 Republican Primary,
479,684 people showed up to vote for
either Carl Paladino or Rick Lazio.
Was that some hot race?
Maybe it was.

According to the NYS 2006 BOE(*), there are
3,130,122 registered Republicans, and 5,507,920 Democrats.
So that's about a 15% turnout.
(* source: Wikipedia)

That same year 19,051 Conservative Party members
voted in the primary, out of 154,202 total. That's 12%.

Are you tracking me so far?

Now in a HOTLY contested race, with a huge grassroots
Get-out-the-vote for Zephyr Teachout using social media
and a whirlwind statewide tour-- 549,877 people voted.
That's only 9%, OF THE 5,910,140 registered Dems in 2014.

So that is LOW TURNOUT according to Republican standards.
Very surprising to me.
If the Republicans can turn out 15% for Paladino vs. Lazio,
don't you think the very motivated anti-fracking
and Progressive Democrats couldn't muster 20%
for Teachout v. Cuomo?  I WOULD.

Could there be 20% (expected) - 9% (reported) = 11% missing votes for Teachout?

20% of 5,910,140 = 1,182,026(expected) - 594,877 (voted) = possible 643,151 missing votes

Cuomo statewide totals: 329,492
Teachout statewide totals: 181,904
Credico statewide totals: 19,018
Blank, Void, Writein: 19,463
Total votes: 549,877 (9% low turnout)

possible missing votes: 643,151 (remaining 11% of 20% expected)

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LA Times graphic underestimates San Bruno impact radius.

LA Times underestimates San Bruno Blast Zone. 

This graphic was part of a recent feature on San Bruno in the LA Times:


Yet page 19 of the NTSB report shows the actual data.

So this begs a couple of questions:

  1. What did LA Times use as a data source for their graph if it wasn't the NTSB report?
  2. Why would the underestimate the Impact Radius of San Bruno by nearly 1/2?
Here is an animation showing how far off the LA Times was.
(The added black dots were used for alignment purposes between the two maps). 

Monday, September 8, 2014

NO hit in Safety Factor in federal regs for LF-ERW pipe!

I'm trying to decypher the federal formula for Class, MAOP, PIR, HCA, etc.
These federal regs are really convoluted.

Here's one thing I've found so far--
...specifically, Lap, ERW, and EFW welds,
there is NO HIT in the Safety Factor
under federal regulations for any of these

To explain:

Barlow's Formula is used to determine MAOP: 
MAOP=2*S*T * 1/(D*SF)

Federal MAOP formula is a variant of Barlow's formula:
MAOP=2*S*T * (1/D) * F * E * T

F=Design Factor 
E=Longitudinal Joint Factor
T=Temperature derating Factor

Notice that 1/(F*E*T) = Safety Factor (SF) in Barlow's Formula.
So if F*E*T = 0.1 in the Federal Formula,
this is equivalent to a Safety Factor of 10 in Barlow's formula.

So wherever either F, E, or T=1, this is like a SF=1, meaning, no safety factor.

49 CFR 192.111 - Design factor ( F ) for steel pipe


This is solely a function of Class:
  • Class 1=0.72  (SF=1.39)   Rural
  • Class 2=0.6  (SF=1.7)
  • Class 3=0.5  (SF=2)
  • Class 4=0.4   (SF=2.5)   Cities

49 CFR 192.113 - Longitudinal joint factor ( E ) for steel pipe.


Range is from E=1 (SF=1, no safety factor)
to E=0.6 (SF=1.67)

NOTE that ERW, and EFW are specifically mentioned in the regs,
however they have an E=1 (no safety factor!!)

49 CFR 192.115 - Temperature derating factor ( T ) for steel pipe.

Range from T=1.0 for 250'F (no safety factor)
to T=0.867 for 450'F (SF=1.15)

So if we calculate the cumulative
F(min) * E(min) * T(min) = 0.4 * 0.6 * 0.867 = 0.20808, SF=4.8
F(max) * E(max) * T(max) = 0.72 * 1 * 1 = 0.72, SF=1.39

This does not take into account pipelines rated under Alternate MAOP.

More soon...


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Federal Judge who wrote Minisink opinion is invested in... FRACKING & PIPELINE COMPANIES!

Judge Robert L. Wilkins, DC Circuit Court of Appeals

"Given the choice, almost no one would want natural gas infrastructure built on their block. 'Build it elsewhere,' most would say. The sentiment is understandable. But given our nation's increasing demand for natural gas... it is an inescapable fact that such facilities must be built somewhere." -- Judge Robert L. Wilkins, DECISION AND ORDER, Minisink Residents v. FERC, 8/5/2014

(I read this as, "Suck it up, Minisink! America needs the gas!"):


Majority Opinion authored by Judge Robert L. Wilkins
   -- his Ethics Filings (interesting info if you dig a bit):

I am just starting to review his ethics filings... these are really tedious,
as you have to dig, 2,3,4 levels deep to find the dirt.  Much of this data is deeply obfuscated,
so there is likely much more investment in energy than is immediately apparent.

Found this easily:

He's invested between $100k-$250k in Pimco Total Return Fund investments.This earned him between $5k-$15k in interest/dividend income in 2012.https://investments.pimco.com/ShareholderCommunications/External%20Documents/PIMCO%20Funds%20Total%20Return%20Fund%20Portfolio%20Holdings%20700.xls

Pimco Total Return Fund Energy highlights:
  • $429M Gazprom (Russian state-owned gas corp)
  • $297M Petrobas (Brazilian O+G)
  • $222M Transocean (plead guilty to neglience in BP Gulf Disaster, $400M fine)
  • $68M Chesapeake Energy (fracking company, large holdings in PA)
  • $32M Entergy (Local power utility in several cities, owns 10 nuke plants, including Indian Point in NY)
  • $27M Ras Laffan LNG (exports LNG from Qatar to Korea)
  • $26M KazMunayGas JSC (state-owned oil and gas company of Kazakhstan)
  • $25M Pioneer Natural Resources (massive contamination in Alaska, selling $1.6B in US fracked gas to Reliance of India-- connected to Inflection Energy which is drilling for gas in NY)
  • $23M Pacific Gas & Electric (potential $1.4B fine for San Bruno disaster)
  • $16M Energy Transfer Partners (natural gas and propane)
  • $16M Canadian Natural Resources (Alberta tar sands)
  • $14M Enterprise Products (gas and liquids pipelines)
  • $8M Duke Energy (fracking, Spectra Energy (pipelines) was a Duke spinoff)
  • $5M Williams Partners (gas pipelines)
  • $3M Dominion Resources (Cove Point, +NY pipeline expansion)

With $5k-$15k, you can make a nice down payment on an Escalade*,
which gets a Federal Judge to his chambers in style:

Yeah, baby.
Gas is GOOD!

(* I have no proof that Judge Wilkins owns an Escalade-- it's just an obvious symbol for conspicuous consumption, seeking happiness through wealth accumulation, greed without caring for the victims created as a result of the action).

UPDATE: I am sorry, I do not mean to judge the judge: Robert L. Wilkins.
I do not mean to create greater alienation. 

I would love to see come reconcilation.
I would love to see Robert L. Wilkins
and meet with Asha, Pramilla, 
and all of the affected families.

I would love to see Robert L. Wilkins

visit the BLACK DIRT region of NY.
It is called that because it is a fertile land,

it is a place where food is grown for many people. 
Robert L. Wilkins
you are invited to Minisink 
come and meet my friends.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Excellent resources summarizing major NG projects (pipelines, compressors, etc) and LNG import/export terminals

I am building my own master list of FERC infrastructure projects which I'm tracking,
and found these excellent resources; sharing.

FERC Import/Export terminals: (they don't make this easy; you have to examine many files to get the big picture)

  • Existing FERC Jurisdictional LNG Import/Export Terminals Web Page | PDF PDF updated 08/15/2014

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Have you felt threatened or harassed by Vic Furman, in person or online? CONTACT ME.

Have you felt threatened or harassed by Vic Furman,
in person or online?

Have you witnessed him telling outrageous lies about someone?

I would like to know about.

607-321-7846 or WilliamAHuston@gmail.com


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Get 9 for Zephyr on 9/9!


This is a way to visualize the effort required.

She needs ~350,000 primary votes to win.

We just need ONE person!
A Registered Democrat.
To get 9 friends to PROMISE to vote 9/9TEACHOUT / WU
But the trick is, you have to get
YOUR 9 friends to commit
to getting 9 more.

And so on.
Pass it down.
1 becomes 9
(step 2)...becomes 81
(3)...becomes 729
(4)...becomes 6,561
(5)...becomes 59,049
(6)...becomes 531,441 <--- Enough for a win!
(7)...one more step becomes 4,782,969 <-- Every registered Democrat in NY
Stated another way:
We need 1 out of every 10 NY registered Democrats in NY
to Vote for TEACHOUT / WU on 9/9

And it starts with YOU!

Get 9 Democrats to vote 9/9

Pass it down...

See the attached image.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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