Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guy Fawkes = Violence

Do you understand the meaning of the Guy Fawkes mask?

"Violence is OK to achieve social change"
This was the meaning of his life.
This was the meaning of V for Vendetta.

Do you believe this? Do you promote the use of violence
for YOUR causes, but just not against you?

Did you ever wonder WHO is behind the association of Guy Fawkes and the Occupy Movement?

Agent Provocateurs in the 1960s-70s from COINTELPRO were inserted into the civil rights movement, and tried to direct it towards violence.

Could the Guy Fawkes mask be a FAKE cultural meme
implanted by the status quo power elites
to try to subvert the Occupy movement into supporting a violent agenda?


Avoid it's use.
CONSIDER that it may be a propaganda technique.
WHERE is this meme coming from?
Who pays the workers in the factories to make these masks?

WHO is trying to implant this in your mind,
the association between Guy Fawkes and Occupy?

I urge you to
REJECT the Guy Fawkes image and his values.
Choose PEACE and Compassion instead!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Gandhi said, when the law is unjust, it is right to disobey. that´s why i think that guy fawkes it´s fine.
he represents a political and social change.
i believe in free speech, and i think that if you believe in that, fine.