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EXCLUSIVE: PHMSA releases 523 pages of new information on the 4/30/2016 Salem PA explosion of the Texas Eastern Pipeline.

I have just obtained from PHMSA under FOIL 523 pages of new information about the Apr 30, 3016 explosion of the Salem, Westmoreland county, PA explosion of the Spectra Texas Eastern Pipeline (TETCO).

I work in the public interest, and exist on donations and grants. Most of my work is unfunded, so I need your help to continue this!  If you appreciate my work, please consider donating at 

I need to raise about $3,000 to cover my expenses creating the #BombTrucks 101 document and recent presentations. I need to raise about $500 urgently. 

Thank You!!

Here is the Salem data from PHMSA:

Monday, September 10, 2018

URGENT: $500 needed for costs of #BombTrucks 101

Hi everyone,

I am trying to raise ~$5,000 over the next few weeks,
and $500 urgently, to support my work documenting
the harms of Bulk Haul, High Pressure, Type-4 CNG
Carbon Fiber Composite, "Virtual Pipeline" Tube Trailers.
a/k/a, #BombTrucks

Doing public service work has challenges.
Only about 1/4 of my work is presently funded
from grants for specific projects.

Most of my work is unfunded.

This suits me, because much of my time is free
to be able to jump on and study some new threat.

I did major investigations into pipeline failures in
Salem PA, Mayflower, AR, Sissonville WV,
and Moundsville WV in my unfunded "slack time".

My #BombTrucks research came from slack time.

So I do the work up front, then after you see what I've done,
I ask for money to support myself.  It's kind of like passing
the offering plate AFTER the sermon :)

I have 2 major projects I am working on, both are big. 
I need funds to keep going!

I have put about 1,000 hours of my time researching the new,
experimental Type-4 CNG Virtual Pipeline Tube Trailers.
... aka, #BombTrucks

Here is a brief timeline of my work on this subject:

You may think "Virtual Pipelines" are some arcane topic in the
fossil fuel wars, something trivial and uninteresting.

Craig Stevens and I are so convinced Type-4 CNG "Tube Trailers" are the "NEXT BIG THING", that we just put on a series of educational forums (Ithaca, Oneonta, Endicott/Vestal) on these new, experimental vehicles.

 We can bring this presentation to your town too!

1,000 hours at a living wage ($15/hr) is $15,000
This is what I have donated to the public service.

I am trying to raise just $5,000 to cover
my expenses doing this research the last 18 months.

This is not even a living wage $15/hr but just $5/hr.
I work cheap! (and I live modestly, and get food
from the local food bank).

I am in desperate need of about $500 right away, urgently.

This is a summary of my public service work over the last 10 years:
(videography, maps, research, education)

As you can see, I have diverse talents, and I put them to use in the public
service daily. 

Please donate if you can.

To all my friends and patrons: Thank you!

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

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'Bomb Truck' Crusade Grew Out Of Frack Fight

'Bomb Truck' Crusade Grew Out Of Frack Fight
Sentinel Stands Guard Against 'Bomb Trucks'
He Tracks 'Virtual Pipeline'


When it comes to risks involved with natural gas trucking, he is considered by many to be the foremost local watchdog.

At every public meeting, at every crash scene, at every mention of the word "XNG," Bill Huston is there, providing a wealth of curated data to inform the public.

"I'm very lucky in that I guess I'm kind of known as the go-to guy right now," Huston said in an interview in his rural home in North-eastern Pennsylvania. surrounded by computer and camera equipment.

Every few minutes, a fracking truck would roar by.

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, family ties brought him to New York's Southern Tier.

"My father was from Waverly, NY, and my mother was from Sayre, Pennsylvania," he said.

Huston attended a two-year junior college in Dallas, and became a computer programmer after graduation. After living in several places across the country, Huston gravitated to the Binghamton area.

His intense interest in the "virtual pipeline" -- "bomb trucks," he calls them-- that sends 80 XNG trucks back and forth through Otsego County daily grew out of his opposition to fracking.

Fracking -- hydraulic fracturing to free natural gas from shale -- is underway in Northeast Pennsylvania, although it was banned in New York State.

"I didn't get into the fracking fight until 2010," said Huston, who calls himself the director of the Stop the Bomb Trucks Coalition. "I have a lot of talents, but the talent I was contributing was videography."

For six years, the man and his camera could be see at almost every town hall meeting where fracking was being discussed. He also interviewed several prominent figures in the local fight against natural gas drilling, including Cooperstown's Lou Allstadt and Otsego 2000 President Nicole Dillingham.

Then, in 2017, he had his first encounter with an Xpress Natural Gas truck.

"I was sitting behind this box truck, and I look up and see a HAZMAT symbol," said Huston. "I looked at that thing, and to me, I thought that was so odd to see a box truck with HAZMAT 1971." He Googled the code on the sign, and it cam back: "compressed natural gas."

From that moment on, Huston began researching the compressed natural gas trucks, gathering as much data on them as possible. He keeps an online log of all the information he collects in an online spreadsheet.

According to Huston, XNG mainly uses three different trailers, and he has a wealth of information about each one: Loaded weight, unloaded weight, carrying capacity, height, width, even potential energy of the gas in gigajoules (a measure in in the industry) for each trailer used by XNG, all laid out in an online spreadsheet for the public to observe.

For those interested, the url for the spreadsheet is

Huston seems to always have his hear to the ground in regards to natural gas. When an XNG truck rolled over in the Town of Hartwick last year, Huston was on scene within hours taking pictures of the accident. He credits an intricate web of insider informants who tip him off.

"I have some confidential sources that clue me in," he said, "Let's just say that I have some friends that work in the New York State first responder community, and I have a source that has tipped me off about two of these (incidents) now."

As a leader in the anti-natural-gas movement, Huston has faced scrutiny from opposing camps.

But one of his most controversial moves came when Huston began calling the compressed natural gas trucks "bomb trucks". Thankfully, no XNG rig has exploded yet, but he calculates that one trailer carries the explosive equivalent of 120 tons of TNT.

According to Huston, he has received a great deal of backlash from both sides for using the term "bomb truck" to describe the XNG trucks.

"The term 'bomb truck' is scientifically valid," said Huston. "So why don't people like the term? Because it's so shocking. So they block it out."

Huston is currently traveling around New York State, holding seminars to educate people about the potential dangers of the XNG trucks that he studies. Huston held an event at the Foothills Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, Sept. 5, with fellow researcher Craig Stevens.

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Thanks for attending #BombTrucks 101! PLEASE REVIEW if you attended

(PLEASE NOTE: I spent about 1,000 volunteer hours of research creating "#BombTrucks 101". At a living wage, this would be $15,000. I am only seeking $5000 for this work. I URGENTLY need $500 right away to cover bills. Please donate if you can: Thank You!!!)

Craig Stevens and I want to express thanks to everyone who came out to see our #BombTrucks 101 presentation! 

While we had
crowds at each venue,
they each were each high quality. 

We had
in attendance:
legislators from Tompkins County, Town of Lansing, and Otsego County (one was strongly antagonistic -- we were happy he came!), former Mayor of Binghamton, a co-founder of Dryden DRAC, a co-founder of Shaleshock and retired land planner, a psychologist and member of VERSE, members of the Susquehanna chapter of the Sierra Club inc. the Chair, the Catskill Mountainkeepeer, a retired engineer and technical advisor to Otsego 2000, and the President of O2K, persons who live along the route, and some very senior NY fractivists. 

We created this on very short notice with almost no promotion, during back-to-school week, key people had conflicts

Several people told me after the Oneonta presentation they were profoundly affected.

Suzy Winkler wrote this:

I saw a version of this presentation last night in Oneonta and it really was an excellent evening.

I highly recommend that you find the time to go to see/hear it

Last night a wonderful introduction by Nicole Dillingham, a heartfelt statement from Vera Scroggins, an exceptional powerpoint loaded with information from Bill Huston and the impeccable delivery of Craig Stevens. 

Honest... you should attend.
Suzy Winkler

If you attended one of these shows, I would very much appreciate your feedback. 

Please respond privately,
and let me know

(happy, anger, joy, sadness, fear, love)
Did you experience any discomfort in your body?

What you
THINK about what you saw:
Did you find the information credible? Compelling? Shocking? Disturbing?

★ Do you agree with Craig and Bill this issue is critically important
    -- A major NEW threat to public safety?

★ Were you inspired to take action?

★ Are you glad you attended?

Please only use the above as a guide.
Please use your own words. :)

Please send your review to:


I will have a professional video produced in about a week,
of the best of all three shows.

Craig and I want to take this show on the road.
We are targeting Albany, Catskills/Hudson Valley, 
and NYC.... and beyond.

Any donations you make will help support and sustain
this work.

Thank you!

Most of my public service work is unfunded.
Again, I have an URGENT need for $490 today.
Please donate if you can:
Thank You!!!

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#BombTrucks 101 (3 chances!)

Hello my friends,

A new threat has come to town.
I want to tell you about it, and

Share this link on Social Media:

Announcing #BombTrucks101!
(Ithaca, Oneonta, Endicott/Vestal)

The Stop the #BombTrucks Coalition
with support from Halt the Harmed Network
invites you to 

#BombTrucks 101:
Understand the Risks!

Presented by 
Craig L. Stevens
co-written w/William Huston
introduction by Vera Scroggins
Mothers Organized Against Bombtrucks (MOAB)

THREE shows:

Tompkins County Library
♦ 101 E Green Street, Ithaca NY
Tue 9/4 @ 2:30 PM

Foothills Theater 
24 Market St., Oneonta NY

Just Added!
Endicott Public Library 
1001 Park St., Endicott NY

Admission: Free
Come learn the risks.

More info in "#BombTrucks101":
Bill: What the hell do you know!?

For the last 18 months, I have been obsessively
researching High-Pressure, Bulk-Haul, High-Capacity,
Type-4 CNG, Carbon Fiber Composite "Virtual Pipeline"
Tube Trailers.

I call them "#BombTrucks" but some people are afraid of that language.
I'm more afraid of the TRUCKS!  but OK.

We could call them by the acronym HPBHHCT4CNGCFCVPTT?
(I pronounce that "Gersharnable")

I have been doing FOILs and RTKs, studying accident reports,
listing to County Emergency Dispatch audio archives, studying technical
manuals, speaking to eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, informants ...

What the hell? Bill, are you some kind of Idiot/Geek-Savant?
Why would you study something so arcane?

Because these trucks came to my town, where I do my shopping.
And while neither I, nor my research colleague Craig Stevens have
a PhD, we are smart enough to know that this was something very
different than we'd ever seen before.

Come and see and hear the results of our 18 months of research.

I hope to see many friends at one of these three events.
"Virtual Pipelines" are HUGE...
...the Next Big Thing, friends.

We need an ALL-INCLUSIVE movement,
like how we defeated fracking in NY.

Only NY can save the world from #BombTrucks!

We need everyone on board, including YOU!

Thanks for your interest,
Bill & Craig

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Document collections: VirtualPipelines -- BHDCSDimockArchive
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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Announcing #BombTrucks101! (Ithaca/Oneonta)

The Stop the #BombTrucks Coalition
with support from Halt the Harmed Network
invites you to 

#BombTrucks 101

Presented by Craig L. Stevens
co-written with William Huston

Two shows:

Tompkins County Library (Ithaca) 
♦Tue 9/4 @ 2:30 PM

Foothills Theater (Oneonta)
♦Wed 9/7 @ 7 PM

Admission: Free
This is the Next Big Thing, friends!
Come learn the risks.

(We need lots of help!)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Call Cuomo Monday: Stop the Bomb Trucks!

It's Call Cuomo Monday!
Stop the #BombTrucks! 

★★ Please call 1-877-235-6537 TODAY and say,

"Governor Cuomo, please HALT all dangerous high-pressure CNG 'Virtual Pipeline' tube trailers (#BombTrucks) until there is an Environmental Impact Statement under SEQRA!"

Share this message on Social Media and on your email lists! 


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Just Published! #BombTrucks101 + Invite to CRITICAL Oneonta board mtg

Mni Wiconi - Sat Chit Ananda - Tat Tvam Asi

Hi everyone--

Announcing: #BombTrucks101!

Big news! Please check out my new document:

I've been working on this for weeks.
I hope you find it helpful in your efforts to Protect Water and Life.

Constructive criticism appreciated.
(There is probably too much detail in certain places.)

I'm still hearing some pushback on the use of the term #BombTrucks.
Not sure why. Some are really smart people!

"Whatever you do, don't say 'Bomb Trucks!'"

Here's a joke:

Q: How many Ithaca PhD's does it take to calculate the explosive potential of
    11 tons of methane, in terms of TNT equivalent?

A: None I can find. But someone like me with 2 years college can?

Hey, IT'S A JOKE!!

I love, respect, admire, and cherish the friendship of all my really smart friends
with advanced degrees. I think you all have done amazing work. I have great
adoration for you....

Still, I feel like I'm doing Defense of my PhD in #BombTrucks!

That's OK. Ithaca is a "tough room". High standards, which I hope to meet.

I hope I can get more of my smart-people friends on board with this,
because  THIS IS A BRAND NEW THING. These are not your grandfather's 
CNG Steel Bottle Tank Trucks. 

AS YOU WILL SEE if you read #BombTrucks101
THERE IS NOTHING like these vehicles on the road today.
They are SUPER EXOTIC and require custom ROBOTS to build.

Bottom Line: The term #BombTrucks is completely rational and
reasonable, and grounded in fact and science. Additionally, it
is ethically justifiable and IMO our MORAL IMPERATIVE to
raise the alarm when some new thing comes down the road
which poses such an EXTREME THREAT to our communities.

before an entire neighborhood is destroyed.
Join the Stop the #BombTrucks Coalition.
(details forthcoming)


Lots of recent #BombTrucks activity & news!
  • NG Advantage is Not Dead Yet, and is rumored to be poking around in Springville, Susquehanna County PA. Haha. Maybe they'll purchase the old Grimsley property, may Jim Rest in Piece. This was the site of Vera Scroggins' very first video on fracking. We've heard Ann Van Lenten eventually got fed up and turned against industry, left the area. .

  • Pentagon Energy, long dormant, is suddenly hopping. Proposed site for New Milford, Susquehanna County Pa. They are partnered with CAT CNG. Been tracking them for some time. Unit was formerly Pentacles. (Sounds like weird Illuminati stuff to me.)

  • XNG has had TWO NEW rollover crashes since we last chatted!

    • One was July 11, 2018 in the Town of Exeter, Otsego Co. 911 Dispatch reported the truck was leaking gas. Rt 28 was closed from 16 to Schuyler Lake. 90 min. into the incident, they were still trying to disconnect power and phone lines. First responders were waiting on Verizon and rep from XNG from Forest Lake PA to arrive. The road was closed for about 12 hours.

    • The other was June 2, 2018 on I-87 Thruway in the Town of Bethlehem. exactly 2.0 miles to the Governor's Mansion. The driver was Northbound and full (likely heading to the NYSEG station in Mechanicville) moved from passing lane into driving lane and somehow lost control, going into shoulder striking guardrail just past an overpass. Vehicle rides the guard rail until it ends, destroying 12 box beam guide rails and 16 posts. At the end of the guard rail, the Truck pivots right and flips 270 degrees landing on right side. 911 Dispatch reports leaking gas. Call to NRC reports possible gas leak.

      As far as we can ascertain, normal procedures WERE NOT FOLLOWED. There were no evacuations to 1/2 mile as recommended by the Emergency Response Guide #117 (UN1971 Compressed Natural Gas), and pole utilities were not de-energized, and I-87 was not shut down. Within the evacuation zone, there are

    • two restaurants
    • two hotels
    • a gas station / convenience store
    • ~10 other businesses
    • ~15 homes

    • Just outside is the New York Thruway Authority Building.

      before there is a REGRETIBLE TRAGEDY.

  • You've probably heard the Cayuga Power Plant wants to re-fire with fracked gas supplied on #BombTrucks. What you may not have heard, is that NYSEG has proposed a "Non-Pipe Alternative" to boosting supply in parts of Tompkins County. One possibility...? #BombTrucks! Thankfully, the Tompkins County Legislator Passed a resolution against injecting gas as a solution.

  • Lastly, there is in important Town Board meeting in Oneonta tonight
    on a proposed #BombTrucks terminal there. Could be a big one.
    Town Hall, 3966 NY-23, West Oneonta, NY 13820

Don't forget to check out:

PS: I live on donations and grants.
If you find my work valuable,
I would be EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to receive
donations via Paypal:
(please write for my physical address for sending check or MO)

Thank you!

I have been working on this #BombTrucks 101 document
for about 5 weeks. I would like to raise
$2-$3,000 in donations for this work.
That's like 5 weeks at a living wage.
I've been working on this for about that long,
the backing research for 15+ months.

I am working on a lot of other really cool stuff which you will also be supporting:
1: a MAJOR Safe Drinking Water Act story (getting ZERO help from 501c3s / NGOs), and
2: a Six Hour video of hard-core fracking impacts,
    shot over my last year living in Dimock.
     It's too massive for words. This will blow your minds.

Thanks for whatever you can give.

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Sunday, July 22, 2018

All Otsego: Misquote and Title

Hi Parker and Jim,

Regarding this article:

I have the following issues:

According to Binghamton-area activist Bill Huston,

Often when I am interviewed by the press, I am asked for my title.
You have not done this, and chosen a title for me.
In multiple articles I have been referred to as an "activist". 

I am not happy with your using this title for me, and Jim, I've mentioned
to you this before (Feb 10).

An "activist" is a person with an agenda. That word is used
as a pejorative and a slur to discredit people.

Please ASK ME for my title.

I am an independent safety investigator.
I am a blogger and citizen journalist.
I am a public service researcher with a focus
   on how science and law intersect with energy and the environment.

I would appreciate very much if you could
please stop referring me as an "activist".

Also, this is not an accurate quote:

"From what I gathered, the driver started to go off the side of the road, and tried to correct himself back onto the road, but by that point, the trailer was already starting to tip over," said Huston.

This is not information that I "gathered". This was pure speculation on my part, based on my examination of terrain from Google Earth, and with one low quality photograph.

I listened to my own recorded copy of the interview, and I clearly answered, "who knows what happened", and followed it with what was clearly speculation. My speculation was reported as if it were fact.

"Those trailers are known to have a very high center of gravity, so they're well known to be a sever [sic] roll-over risk."

Minor typo: "severe"
I am also a little unhappy with the tone of this:

Huston has campaigned heavily against the natural gas trucks since as many as 80 trips a day began last February, carrying fracked natural gas in Northeast Pennsylvania the Town of Manheim, near Little Falls, where it is injected into the Iroquois pipeline.

I'm not sure what is meant by "campaigned heavily". Again, this sounds like I have some kind of an agenda.

While I do have a personal opinion these trucks are unsafe and should not be on the road before certain conditions are met.

If you state that I have an agenda, but do not explain the facts behind my informed opinion, then it looks like I'm just some kind of crackpot.

Here is what is true:
  • I have spent DOZENS of hours researching the history and safety record of these new experimental vehicles.

  • I am curator of a documents collection about "Virtual Pipelines" which I make freely available to journalists and researchers. (Link in my signature block below every email).

  • I maintain a TIMELINE of accidents and other milestones here:

  • I maintain a table of data about these trailers here:

  • I have reported FACTUALLY about the near complete lack of regulation of these new, experimental vehicles. In fact, they have been granted an EXEMPTION from regulation through the issuance of a US DOT Special Permit.

  • I have reported FACTUALLY that there has NEVER been an Environmental Impact Statement under either SEQRA or NEPA, which have never done a fair study of end-to-end impacts

  • I have reported FACTUALLY that there has never been a Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • I have reported FACTUALLY that there is NO INFORMATION about destructive testing under real-world conditions or BASIC safety information (such as the Potential Impact Radius for either an explosion or fire scenario) released to the public.

  • After examining the data,  I have expressed my PERSONAL OPINION that these vehicle are UNSAFE, and should not be on the road.

In summary, I am happy to give you information, but I would appreciate
  • Allowing me the right to choose my title (activist)
  • Quoting me accurately (opinion as fact)
  • Portraying me as having an agenda without explaining the rational process behind this.
Thank you,
Bill Huston

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Document collections: VirtualPipelines -- BHDCSDimockArchive
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Pipe storage

I was asked a question about the storage of pipe outdoors over an extended period of time.

Just some random thought:
This is based on my many-years study of pipelines and physics.
I may have made an error somewhere, so please fact-check everything.
I believe this is mostly correct.

Plug this into Google maps: 42.688208, -73.955254
This is a spread yard for the Constitution Pipeline.
(image below)

This pipe has been sitting there since ~March 2014.
So about 4 years.

How long was it sitting after it was manufactured?

How long will it sit before it is finally used?

So it is possible that this pipe could sit around,
exposed to the elements for a decade before it is finally used.

What most people do not understand,
but rolled steel pipe has both stored
mechanical energy and electro-chemical energy.

Every section of rolled steel pipe wants to destroy itself
from the day it is made. And there are two competing ways it wants
to do that.

The first way is mechanical energy:

Every section of pipe is like a giant spring under tension.
It literally wants to go SPROING! and unwind along helical welds,
just like a roll of Pillsbury dinner rolls.

When pipelines explode, they often unwind like this.
You can see this in images from pipeline failures, like Sissonville WV:

The second way rolled steel pipes want to self-destruct is through electro-chemical energy.

Every section of pipe has little batteries all along the surface.
It has negatively charged areas (anodes) and positively charged areas (cathodes).

Add external water with a dissolved electrolyte, and you have a complete
electrical path. The charged areas of different potential want to equalize.

Through an electro-chemical reaction, the anode will actually
dissolve, it will give up charged molecules of metal.
This is how pipelines corrode and produce wall loss. 

So will a section of steel pipe fail through the release of
mechanical energy, leading to deformation?
Or will it dissolve into dust?
It's a race and only time will tell....

Cathodic Protection systems place "sacrificial anodes" into the ground and
literally spray the area with molecules of metal. This donor anode metal (-)
wants to bind to the cathode areas on the pipe (+) and hopefully spare the
pipe from donating parts of itself as the anode and rust.

Now what they do is coat the outside of the pipe with something called
"Fusion Bond Epoxy". This is an electrical insulator. The idea here is to
make a barrier and break the electrical path and slow corrosion.

But it gets complicated, because the layer of epoxy, which is an electrical insulator,
also creates a capacitor, which is another device which stores an electrical charge!
So every section of pipe is actually made of little batteries in a short-circuit configuration,
and to slow do the pipe from dissolving into dust, they actually create a new problem.

Now that you understand all of this... now examine this massive structure!!
image is from Google Earth:

All kinds of questions arise!
I am only smart enough to ask these questions.
I do not have these answers:

1: What kind of effects could a structure like this have upon the Earth?

Could it affect weather? Could it alter the earths magnetic field?
Might the N-S or E-W orientation of the pipe matter?
Could it act like a resonant tank for radio waves of a certain

2: What kind of effects could the Earth (magnetic flux lines, radio waves,
force of gravity/gravity waves, charged areas in clouds) have upon this structure?

Could the Earth's natural fields increase the rate of corrosion?
Could this structure act like a giant transformer?
What if this were struck by lightening?

A structure this large and this contrived IMO could not only increase the rate of
corrosion of the pipe, but it could also produce strange hazards due to it's
electrical-chemical properties. 

Hope these ramblings are helpful... :)

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research
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Precluded from pre-trial evidence were photos of segments of pipe procured for the Keystone XL that were stored at the Gascoyne pipe yard in North Dakota. The interveners were able to introduce the photos during their cross examination of Kothari when she disclosed that the pipe had been purchased by 2011.

At first Kothari claimed the pipe was stored at a few manufacturing facilities, but when questioned about pipe being stored at the Gascoyne pipe yard, she admitted some of it was also at that location.
The photos of the Gascoyne pipe yard show sections of pipeline piled up several layers high and left out in the open. The duration of time the pipes were stored without protection against the elements led the interveners to question the integrity of the pipe materials.
EN Engineering's Schramm testified that the National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators recommends protecting pipe materials left above ground within six months. But Schramm added that Scotch, a,manufacturer, recommends taking measures to protect the pipe within 12-18 months. (Audio of Schramm's relevant testimony at 0:23:15 – 0:29:00 on Saturday Aug. 1)
However, Sabrina King, a member of the Dakota Rural Action group who shot the photos referred to during the hearing, claimed the pipe had been at the Gascoyne yard in North Dakota since December 2010.
King's photos were taken in May of 2013. By August that year, TransCanda did take action and protect the pipe, past both of the recommended times that Schramm mentioned.
"That is 2.5 years of pipe laying out in North Dakota, where the weather is horrendous, before it was fully covered," King told DeSmog.( Audio of Schramm's relevant testimony at 20:30 to 26:00 on Saturday Aug. 1)