Friday, July 18, 2014

Pledge to Resist the Constitution Pipeline (Please Read)

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Sign the Pledge:
Hi all--

I have been working on documenting and resisting
the absurdly named "Constitution Pipeline" project
for the last 2.5 years.

This pipeline, if built, would
  • Cause severe and lasting regional environmental impacts, including the destruction of 
  • Demand a dramatic increase in the pace of fracking in NE PA,
    where they have already suffered grave impacts to their health
    and well-being, and seen their rural communities transformed into heavy industrial zones.
  • AND promote fracking in NY.
I have documented dozens of hours of public hearings,
where I and others have found countless deficiencies,
omissions, and outright fraud in the application, and also
FERC's draft EIS.

It is becoming clear to me that FERC is not only an unelected
agency, but it is utterly unaccountable to the President, Congress
or We the People.

And the "public participation" in the permit proceedings are a sham. 

As of the recent decision in the DC Circuit Court decision
("No Gas Pipeline vs. FERC"), it was ruled that,

-- GET THIS!! --
FERC can VIOLATE THE LAW (in this case, the National Environmental Policy Act),
yet citizens cannot petition the courts for review
unless they have suffered demonstrable environmental harms or health impacts

(which, like the case of Radon exposure, can take 20 years to manifest).

This means that -- barring Congress changing the law --
 FERC is utterly unaccountable .... to anyone*

(* except the energy industry which pays their salaries.
YEP! It's true! FERC receives $ZERO funding from Congress!!)

I am an intervenor in this project who lives in an area
which would suffer large-scale regional impacts should this get built,
against the wishes of the majority of people here.

I have many friends and family who live in the gasfields of PA who have
already suffered grave impacts, and development there would increase
dramatically to supply this pipeline.

That's why I created a petition to the FERC Commissioners and to President Obama.

I was just in DC last weekend, and I will tell you this:
for being the ONE PLACE which has
Now we must resist fracking infrastructure.

I and others have not given up hope on Administrative Remedies.
We have several clever legal maneuvers up our sleeves.

However, we need a back up plan, should these remedies fail.

NY is the place where we will REVERSE the move to frack.
People, it's time to take a stand.
For present and future generations.
Let the resistance begin with me.

Will you please sign and share this petition?
-- OR --
Bill Huston

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Vera said...

thanks....we need to stand together and tell FERC, US Government, and the World, no more encroachment on our lands and lives and stop the polluting and contaminating of this precious Planet and only allow safe, healthy, green, clean, non-contaminating sources of energy.