Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Essential Resources for Fighting Fracking

Friends, if you want a series of booklets to give to legislators or anyone
to help them understand the reason and necessity for a ban,
Our criteria are that these sources should be
  • Compelling stories, good science, good journalism
  • Peer reviewed (if appropriate) and sourced/footnoted, mainstream sources
  • Any one of these could stand-alone as the ONE source you could give someone.
  • Extra credit for beautiful presentation.
  • Available free online in PDF form.
I recommend the following as
the BEST of the Best!

Some can be purchased as color, bound editions.

1: Food and Water Watch’s: The URGENT case for a ban on fracking :

Summary of all the reasons why fracking is inherently toxic, cannot be regulated, and therefore must be banned.

2: PACWA’s The List of the Harmed :

Thousands of documented cases of actual people impacted who have been harmed by fracking. Always being updated. Dozens on this list are now dead.

3: CHPNY’s Scientific, Medical, and Media Compendium :

This is an on-going summary of all of the scientific evidence of the harms of fracking, including from the community of scientists, public health professionals, academics / educators, engineers. Also lists publish stories in mainstream media for support. If you only get 1 source, get this.

4: Environment America’s Shalefield Stories

Actual stories of people and photos of impacted people.
This is a beautiful production, and compelling stories about real people.

5. Earthworks’ Blackout in the Gas Patch :

More stories about how the “regulation” of fracking in PA has failed to prevent harms.
Beautiful layout and compelling scientific journalism by Earthworks’ Nadia Steinzor.

6: Post Carbon Institute's Drill Baby Drill: Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Eara of Energy Abundance?

Canadian geologist and energy consultant David Hughes shows that shale gas is just another economic bubble, a short term fossil-fuel-fix, and not a long term energy plan.


My goal here is to include sources so compelling and complete,
that any of these could be the SINGLE-most important resources,
which could stand-alone in the power to persuade.
I’m open to growing this list. But I want to keep it short, maybe 10-12 maximum.

If you have suggestions for ESSENTIAL additions, please leave a comment.

Enjoy + share…

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