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WESTCHESTER Co.NY! High Pressure #BombTrucks heading to YOU! (Courtesy: Con-Ed)

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Downstate Friends,

You should consider this a 911:

and this cut-n-paste of the press release:

(fluff abou about "renewable natural gas", "peak day offsets" and "heat pumps" deleted. Here's the real matter:)

“This program will help us maintain reliable service so that our customers can keep their homes and businesses warm and comfortable, while helping to support state and local energy goals,” said Marc Huestis, Con Edison’s senior vice president, Gas Operations. “However, these measures do not eliminate the need for a new natural gas pipeline to keep up with our region’s energy needs.” ....

The measures – which were proposed by respondents to a Con Edison competitive solicitation - include:
  • ...(snip)...
  • The construction of two to five compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage sites in Westchester County. The supply would reduce the need for conventional natural gas pipeline supplies by 40,000 dekatherms on peak winter days.
The company is seeking $305 million in funding for the program [FROM RATEPAYERS!]. The maximum increase in the gas bill when the program funds are fully spent around 2025 would be approximately 1.5 percent for an average residential or small business customer. For a typical residential heating customer, this would be about $2 per month. But that does not include savings and environmental benefits the company expects the program to produce for customers.
Con Edison is working with potential partners to identify possible locations for the renewable natural gas, CNG and LNG facilities.
The CNG and LNG storage plants would accept fuel transported by trucks. The fuel would be stored and flow into Con Edison’s gas distribution system on winter days when demand is high. The LNG would be stored in tanks. On cold winter days, the supply would be replenished with additional deliveries by truck.


In other words....
Bomb Trucks Heading for New York!!!
Zoom Zoom!
Similar facilities have already been set up temporarily as a "Peaking Service" or as "Pressure Boosters" during maintenance of the Local Distribution System in
  • Roosevelt Island, NYC
  • Glenwood Landing, Long Island NY
  • Rye NY
A "permanent" installation is already established in Mechanicville, NY (Saratoga Co) just North of Albany.

There are PROPOSED similar sites like this now in
  • Oneonta, Otsego Co
  • Ithaca, Tompkins Co.
XNG is launching 100+ High Pressure #BombTrucks into New York now each day, up to 5 per hour!

There are TWO NEW FACILITIES approved and/or under construction in Susquehanna County NOW. These new facilities are even larger and may be capable of 150-200 CNG loads per day.

So NY could EASILY have 400 CNG #BombTrucks per day soon!

ADDITIONALLY: There is also a MASSIVE new proposed LNG facility being proposed in Bradford County PA which could send 240-360 trucks per day!!!

There are NIMBY groups in Ithaca and Oneonta fighting their local
#BombTrucks facilities, as the NIMBY group in Fenton defeated theirs.

There is NO GROUPS or individuals (apart from a SMALL number of people)
working in a coordinated fashion to defeat these trucks state-wide.

NY is particularly well-suited to defeat these trucks, because:

1: It looks like they are mostly headed into NY
2: NY has SEQRA which requires an EIS (PA for example, has nothing like this!)
3: NY has an amazingly dedicated and smart fractivist community.
    (Or so I've heard..... WHERE ARE YOU!?)

We have received a TON of excellent help from Nicole Dillingham and Otsego 2000. THANK YOU NICOLE! 

Keith Schue, Suzy Winkler, Dennis Higgins, JoAnn Gardner, Vera Scroggins, and a few others have been helpful. We have received some limited help from d & Water Watch, Mothers Out Front, and Catskill Mountainkeeper.  THANK YOU!

Mostly, Craig Stevens and I have been mostly working on this by ourselves for 18 months.

WHERE IS THE STATEWIDE CAMPAIGN fighting these High Pressure CNG #BombTrucks as a statewide issue!?

HELP US DEFEAT #BombTrucks in NY!

Even Smart People Repeat FALSE Industry Talking Points

Albany Rollover Crash, 6/2/2018

XNG has already connected High Pressure CNG #BombTrucks in New York City!!!

A worse-case scenario in Downtown Ithaca could produce 1,250 dead.

NYSEG is already using #BombTrucks as "Pressure Boosters" and "Peakers" in New York!

Mechanicville NYSEG #BombTrucks station.
A simple malfunction here could produce a disaster of the scale seen in Merrimack Valley, which destroyed 131 structures.

Two More #BombTruck Launchers Opening Soon!
Hope you Like #BombTrucks, New York!!!

This slide from an Industry Trade Show shows XNG is targeting Local Distribution Companies.
What Could Go Wrong?!

520 Giga Joules can produce a MASSIVE explosion....  

What's a MOAB?

"Normal Operation" of a Type-4 CNG composite pressure vessel in a fire can result in a GIANT FLAME THROWER!

More PR lies about #BombTrucks

XNG execs have told some OUTRAGEOUS lies!

What to watch for.

New York could see 400+ CNG trucks PER DAY very soon!
This does not include 240-360 LNG trucks PER DAY!!

XNG truck inverted in the mud, Sept 2017, Hartwick NY.
These vehicles have a high center of gravity and have increased rollover risk.

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