Thursday, August 7, 2008

Money to law enforcement to fight drugs... and VIOLENCE!

Article in the Binghamton press today:

Grants for Operation IMPACT program to be released today
Money will aid investigations into violent crime
By Erin Owens • Press & Sun-Bulletin • August 7, 2008

Today, officials will announce Operation IMPACT grants that will target violent crime and drug crime in Binghamton, Port Dickinson and Broome County.

Operation IMPACT is the state's program to reduce crime through the use of intelligence-based policing, partnerships among law enforcement, technology, and the use of crime data. It targets the 17 New York counties outside of New York City that report 80 percent of the state's crime.

"Operation IMPACT has been a helpful tool in enhancing our crime-fighting abilities," said Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan. "Our police force must have the right resources to safeguard our community, and I'm pleased this program is helping us meet that need."

Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikuski and Janine Kava, deputy director of public information for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, did not give information on specific grants prior to today's news conference at Binghamton City Hall.

Zikuski said that in the past, grants from Operation IMPACT have totaled about $400,000 each year for Broome County.

Operation IMPACT grants fund personnel, including crime analysts, assistant district attorneys, field intelligence officers, probation officers and investigators; and technology, including mobile surveillance cameras, crime-mapping software and digital fingerprinting equipment.

Agencies that will receive IMPACT funding are the Binghamton and Port Dickinson police departments, the Broome County District Attorney's Office and the Broome County Sheriff's Department.


To which I respond...

Violent crime... and DRUGS!
More propaganda. Just like "DARE to resist drugs ... AND VIOLENCE!"

As if those things are connected.

OK, there may be a tiny correlation, like users of hard drugs,
meth and coke both can turn people into maniacs.
Junk addicts can get pretty desperate for a fix.

But let's face it... most "drug crime"
isn't really a crime at all since there is NO VICTIM - NO INJURY
it's NON-VIOLENT posession of pot.

Boy, wouldn't it be nice to someday
get someone elected as mayor
who would have the guts to publically say:

"I will order the police in my city to not
waste recources by enforcing violations
for non-violent posession of marijuana."

Wow! A Happy World Where People Are FREE!
(as long as we HARM NONE)

What do you call a state which
causes more violence than it eliminates?

I dunno... fascism?

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Art Crass said...

Matt Ryan is a tool. I'll end up writing someone in.