Monday, September 15, 2008

WHRW Cease and Desist

Courteous cease-and-desist type letter sent to President Defleur
via the Binghamton University Ombudsman. -- BH

Hi Francine,

I see the context as this:

The student management of WHRW
are demonstrating, at best,
  • a lack of respect for older persons, community members,
    minorities, and those perceived to have different, unpopular,
    progressive, green, socialist, or otherwise radical politics

  • a failure to appreciate the importance of WHRW to the
    local community, as one of the very few First Amendment
    public fora remaining, to which the public at large still
    retains access.

  • a failure of the student-management of WHRW to
    fully understand their most critical role in upholding and
    protecting the free-speech rights of all persons,

    and at worst,

  • a system of bias, harassment, special treatment, and even
    banishment against community members (usually older folks),
    minorities, and those with radical or unpopular viewpoints
    (including students).

Please communicate to the President
that this is a very serious matter,
and I believe these to be actionable offenses.

I very much want to avoid the courts.
It is very exhausting, costly, and my experience
informs me the little guy (that's me) almost
never prevails.

I am prepared to proceed that route if necessary,
because I feel this is a serious problem affecting
a large class of injured parties...

... not just those people being banned/excluded
from access, but also the community at large,
for the loss of these voices -- and I believe every
voice matters...

So, I hope this situation gets remedied soon.

I know I cannot prevail when I am alone.

So, my strategy is I am attempting to find support in the
community, as well as on the SA, and the WHRW e-board.

Best Regards,

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email: WilliamAHuston at gmail

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