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A Glimpse of Peace and Perfection

A Glimpse of Peace and Perfection,
A Moment of Reunion with the Beloved
by BH

I believe the answers to the question

"How can we all live cooperatively,
in balance, non-violently?"

...largely lie in the various philosophies of ancient India,
perhaps completely, although not necessarily exclusively :)
e.g, I believe Native American wisdom may be as advanced. 

speaking of... Watch for a new video coming
of a talk given by Sally Roesch Wagner
(shot yesterday in Syracuse by the original PMC team :)
about the amazing suffragist Matilda Joselyn Gage.
It's gonna blow your mind to learn about
the highly advanced egalitarian social order
of the Haudenosaunee (the native people of right here:
the land we now call the Southern Tier of NY)
and how they influenced the woman's rights movement,
the women suffragists, and the implications
to the republican theory of rights and citizenship.

However, because it is an oral tradition,
there is not the rich documentation as found
in the record of the ancient Indus Valley people.

And wow!

I am just beginning to get a grasp
of the depth, beauty, and completeness
of the ancient philosophies of India:
(and I am giving thanks to all of my teachers!)

It is both deep and broad,
comprehensive and detailed.

The Six Orthodox Schools
The Four Yogas
The Buddha Dharma
The Eightfold Path
The sum of both Veda and Vedanta,
and on an on

They've got it all!

No forcing one to adopt a particular school.
Just pick any one!

There's an atomist school.
There's a school of logic and mathematics.
There is the school of meditation.
They've got polytheism.
They've got dualism.
They've also got a monastic school!!

There is no fear of apparent contradiction!
Each school is complementary.

The concept of non-violence
permeates all of them.

They have developed a language as rich and complex
as any human language (Sanskrit), and a meta-theory
of grammar and syntax equivalent to our (allegedly)
most modern descriptions (Baccus-Naur, Chomsky's
context-free grammars, etc), yet perhaps predating
them by as much as 2,500 years!

They have mapped out every state of consciousness,
from deep sleep, to sleep-dream, to ordinary waking,
also including life-as-metaphor, life-as-dream, life-as-dance,
all the way up to union with the Beloved, union with everything.

They perfected the science of psychology and mind
2,500 years before Freud!

Everything is there!!

They've got enlightenment (or salvation) by action.
They've got enlightenment by devotion.
They've got enlightenment by meditation.
They've got enlightenment by study.

The image And here's the real mind-blower:

In all of these things,
there is the concept of self-reference and recursion,
a twisted loopy entanglement
straight out of Godel, Escher, Bach.

All of these techniques refer to each other,
are contained in each other.
This is what our modern Quantum Mechanics
is only now just confirming.

I think this is a really great overview:
I've watched it at least four times
and am still discovering new things.
In 90 min, this video sums up everything
I've been studying
for the last 18 months!

Edmond + Cheryl hosted a discussion of this on Sunday
at Vishnu's Couch. I wish I could have been there!
Perhaps there can be another viewing/discussion?
Perhaps some Friday?

Here's one final gem, from my morning Dharma talk:

"Meditation is when we cease to manipulate
    our experience in any way."

         -- Adyashanti

And as you meditate on this idea, consider
how much of what we "think" is real,
is really projection, delusion, worry, judgment,
pejorative, seeing false separateness,
seeing false permanence, name-calling,
diagnosing, evaluation, prediction,
false mental constructions and categorizations...

I.e, seeing something which isn't really there.

"Ignorance of the true nature of reality
   is the primary source of suffering"
    -- Deepak Chopra, quoting the Vedas

"Meditation is like a microscope which allows
the direct inspection of reality, of this moment,
here and now"
-- Ajahn Geoffrey, Thanissaro Bikkhu

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