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Buddhism, Yoga, NVC, General Semantics, Louise Hay -- on a single chart!

Note: This series of diagrams are probably best suited for engineering type people. These diagrams were criticized for having too many sharp edges, and the colors were shocking to the nervous system. I took the same basic information and created the Six Dimensions of Consciousness, which is generally a better diagram. It's more organic, there are added dimensions, and there is a marvelous Hofstadter-ean loopiness about it. The one thing I like better with these first diagrams is the clear Starting Point (perceptions), Choice (Skill which comes with Practice), Ending Point (action). Anyway, here are my first Mind Model Diagrams...

This is my gift to you:
Healing - Peace - Love - Compassion
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"The seeds of our suffering (or happiness!)
lie in the character of our relationship to our experience."

This chart(*) represents about 2 years of research and study into the sources of suffering.
(* see below for larger size)

I had a 2 month suicidal crisis summer of 2007.
I decided that I had to either
a) actually kill myself, or
b) find a way out of my own suffering.
I decided to check out b) before a) -- ;^)

I went on a search for the causes
of suffering, and to see if there were
any proven effective methods for curing such.

I was blessed to find some amazing healers and teachers.
This is the result of my research.

The quick answer is YES!
There is a way out of suffering!
And it is given absolutely freely!
No one is excluded.
It requires a simple practice
anyone can learn.

and what I found is so much more....

This is a way to have peace and happiness in the world!

This is a way to have a healthy body
and a pleasant experience while we are living...

This wisdom is ancient, eternal, and universally effective.
No one is left out. Anyone can be happy!

I have found a way to represent a very large
and important part of this information
in a single chart, which I am very excited to
share with you.

This chart is most of Buddhism, Yoga,
NVC*, and General Semantics, all together!

(* is the system of Nonviolent Communication,
developed by Marshall Rosenberg)

This wisdom is also described in the Toltec tradition,
e.g., Voice of Knowledge, by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This chart was influenced by the commentaries of
Robert Anton Wilson, Wayne Dyer, and Alan Watts, and many
Buddhist and Yoga teachers. I have also been inspired
by the ideas+teachings of Edmond Cotton, Vera Scroggins,
Robert Gonzalez, and Mickey Juddkovics.
esp. their body-mind work. (There have been many,
many teachers I have been inspired by!)

This chart represents a science of mind,
and a psychological model... and more:
how the body and mind interact
to cause disease or well-being.

If you ever get angry, or frustrated,
or feeling depressed, or in physical pain,
you can use this chart to figure out
what to do and what went wrong.

And if one can see that the the resistance block
("craving / aversion") is also the source of disease,
it then can be seen to explain
the Louise Hay healing model,
and the Ho'oponopono healing model.

If you deeply understand this chart
and the model of mind represented
and if you follow the recommend practices,
there is no doubt that you will be happy
receive healing and relief from your suffering.

This is the path to the END OF ALL WARS!!

The methods are easy and free and simple.
The core of these methods have been proven effective for 2,500 years.

Buddhist Yoga NVC Mind Model v.5
(click on the image or link to get the large size)

Slide-show: (watch in full screen mode, press pause,
and move through slides with the arrow keys)

If the Slide show does not look so clear in full-screen resolution,
click here, and try again: (There seems to be a bug w/Flash).

Video: The Secret to Happiness Explained in 24 min:

Mind Model Chart explained in 24 min. from Bill Huston on Vimeo.

Additional videos:

If you are sad, sick, or suffering,
if you are angry, or depressed,
(or know someone who is),
if you wish there was more peace in the world,
may this information help you.

A warning to be skillful in one's approach in presenting this information:
"Every therapeutic cure, and still more, any awkward attempt to show the patient the truth, tears him from the cradle of his freedom from responsibility and must therefore reckon with the most vehement resistance." -Alfred Adler (Thanks to Suzee Ebeling for this great quote!)

I will be available to give a talk about this chart
to any group on a donation basis.
I will provide printed copies of the chart to all who attend.
Framed copies 8.5x11" or 11x14" are available for small donation.

Some possible topics:
  • NVC (Nonviolent Communication) as psychological model.

  • The Four Yogas as a path to healing.

  • Why we suffer, and the path to happiness: from the Buddhist perspective

  • Metaphysical healing: how it works

  • Meditation as a cure for depression

I am working on videos and other training materials
which will help explain this chart,
and a hopefully, a very exciting interactive computer simulation...!

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"The seeds of our suffering or happiness lie in the character of our relationship to experience"
"The seeds of our suffering or happiness lies in the character of our relationship to experience"

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Sietse Sterrenburg said...

wow! a chart that left me flabbergasted for some minutes. I love it, gives me a lot of insight. At the same time I'm a bit intimidated by the lay out and I suspect it to be possible to make the looks more user-friendly. I'm not sure how to do this myself.
Thanks for the great work!

MisterMisanthrope said...

The address / mindmodel doesn't seem to go anywhere. It is the only address given on TV. I googled you and found everything but others may not persevere.

I am most interested in these paradigms for peace and have stumbled onto some of them whilst jerrymeandering around my own chaotic and somewhat quixotic existence. Forgiveness and faith elude me though. How does one forgive the murderer who is still stabbing? How does one believe in the betrayer who is still seeking silver?

Bill Huston said...

Mr.Misanthrope - URLs generally should not contain spaces. That's the problem. Get rid of those spaces and it will work.

As for forgiveness for the murderer.. one thing to try is called Metta or "Loving-Kindness Meditation".

It's a practice of sending out compassion to everyone,

beginning w/yourself
(May I be happy and free from suffering)

then to your friends
(May my friends be happy and free from suffering)

then to strangers
(May they be happy and free from suffering)

then to people whom you have resentment towards
(May they be happy and free from suffering)

Hope this helps,