Tuesday, September 29, 2009


TO: Pat McGuire, GM, WHRW
From: Bill Huston
CC: President Defleur, Ombudsman Montemurro

Dear Pat,

Today, at about 11:30 am,
I called WHRW to inform people about important
information about a toxic spill in Dimock PA.
The on-air DJ was told by you to cut me off.

As I told you when we spoke today,
your continued censorship of me,
is an illegal burden upon my
First Amendment rights.

Binghamton University's resources are part of
the commons, and as I am a citizen of the
State of NY, you have no right to deny
me access to them.

Furthermore, as I have stated previously,
the suspension of my clearance,
and your banishing me from the station,
in person and on the air, without just cause,
is an illegal burden upon my rights under the New York
and United States Constitutions, and denotes harassment
under NY State Penal Code.

I have been denied my due process and equal protection
rights by the WHRW Board, the Ombudsman, and Binghamton University,
and even threatened with arrest for asking the Ombudsman why
she refuses
to answer my questions, give me a written report of her investigation,
and otherwise assist me in her official capacity
in this matter.

Folks: Please. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP.

Please restore my clearance immediately,
and remove this absurd "persona non grata" status,
which originates in the royal classes in England,
and has no business being issued by
a student organization of the State University of New York.

President Defleur, I understand there have been dozens of letters
and phone calls from community members to your office
complaining about this matter.

As a public affairs producer for 6 years, I have done many
shows of interest to this community.

As I requested from your assistant Susan on the phone today,
I would very much appreciate a personal meeting with you to
discuss this matter.

I await your reply.

Best Regards,
Bill Huston

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