Friday, November 13, 2009

Hospice work

I'm doing hospice work now.
Heavy duty.

I am prepared to deal with death,
to suffer the loss of my friend.

Seems many people are not.
We pretend death is not chasing us,
like a shadow,
each day: a little closer.

When it finally catches us,
we are utterly not ready.

Clinging, clutching, grabbing, hanging on.
Denial that check-out time is approaching.

You want to live a little more?
Fine! You can!!!
But you've gotta make a choice!
Cooperate with the staff here.
Take your meds.
Cooperate with their tests.

We all would love to see you well!
So if you want to live,
do your healing work.

If you don't,
that's OK too!
Everybody dies.


We've had this discussion.
Why don't you shut up now? You stupid head!
Go stand over there now.
I don't want any more of your crap.
Give me some water so I can splash it on you.

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