Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life and Death poem.

Life and Death
by Chaitali Upasaki

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If anything,
live is movement
a continuous movement of opposite pairs
and this makes life seem ironic

We breathe to live
and the same breath that gives us life
slowly makes us grow old
and takes us to our death

Yesterday, you felt death close
but today you celebrate an important event
with joy and happiness
and this is how life moves continuously

Death is not the end
and life is not the beginning, either.
It's just another movement.

Death is the start of a new movement,
of a new life

Unamuno said:

Don't fear death,
because while we exist,
it does not.

And when death does not exist,
then we no longer exist.
You should really be afriad
of not knowing how to live.

Because he who lives in ignorance
when his moment arrives to pass life's great exam
the result will depend on how he has lived
and his death will mark a new life.

Don't think that death is this instant
that scarcely lasts, and we die in an instant, no.
We begin dying
the moment we begin living.

When we are born,
the countdown begins.
And the same way that you live your days
is the same way you will live your nights.

And in the same way
all your thoughts during the day
will determine your night.
In this way, your life will determine your death.

Don't think that the small things you do in your daily life
the things that you know you should change
and becase they are so small, you don't give them any importance
don't think that you shouldn't change them.
Or don't think that you should not give them importance.
Because a virus is also small, but it can kill you.

For this reason they say
that while bogies are sleeping,
yogis are awake.
Sleep is death.

Look for knowledge
that is life and light,
and WAKE UP!

Om, tat sat.
This is the truth.

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