Monday, April 5, 2010

Books on Yoga, Buddhism, Spirituality... FREE! (to a good home)

I have a couple dozen books
on Buddhism, Eastern Spirituality,
Religious Study, Philosophy, Yoga, etc.

I find myself moving, and must deal with
packing, storing, moving, etc.
I only want to move the most precious ones to me.

Sadly, I must get rid of many of these.

I would be happy to give
one or more or many
of these books away for free
to a good home.

And by this, I mean
1: you would treasure these as Dharma
2: take care of them, promise to ensure they don't get pulped!
3: use them, read them, and ideally,
    write a short review as you read them and publish to the
   STNYLightworkers, the SEW Bookclub, and/or Binghamton Theosophy Club

I would donate more than a few to you
if you have a Sangha or Satsang,
or somehow make these available
so that people can read them.

PS: I'm not going to dump some clunkers on you!
You get the pick the one's you like!

Call Bill Huston 607-321-7846
if you would like to look over my titles.


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