Friday, October 15, 2010

Aaron Price, producer of Gas Odyssey reports me to security for asking, "Who paid for the airtime?"

Aaron Price, producer of the pro-drilling film Gas Odyssey spoke at a Broome County public hearing today.

As I reported here, WBNG played his film without identifying sponsorship, in violation of FCC rules.

I've left him a couple of emails/VMs about this, but he has so far not answered.

Today, I asked him, "Who paid for the airtime?" I didn't shout. I was a few feet away videotaping.
He flashed me a peace sign and returned to his seat. I have the whole incident recorded
so you'll be able to see for yourself soon.

A few minutes later, he got up and left the hall. On his way out, he reported me to security!

Apparently, he was so emotionally disturbed by my question, that he thought I should be thrown out!

The guards called me away from my taping duties to the back of the hall. I was wearing
my IMC press pass. The guards asked me if I talked to one of the speakers. I said yes,
described what I said. The guards urged me to "be a good reporter" and keep my mouth shut.
I didn't argue.

Well, I did a little, tried explaining how it was a relevant question, ya know, reporters
ask questions? talked about the FCC complaint etc, but was getting nowhere.
Security guards have a certain mindset, you know? Yes sir, no sir. No problem sir.
That's what they like.

LESSON: When you catch the gas industry PR folks violating the law in issuing their
propaganda, they get really upset if you ask them about it and report you to
guys w/guns. So be prepared...

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