Sunday, October 17, 2010

A call for help / Fracking in Alaska

I just received this from a Facebook friend in Alaska.
Can anyone offer any advice to Kathy?
Make sure to cc: in your reply.
Thanks -- BH

Kathy Hatch 
October 17 at 3:11am

hi william,

i have some questions and wonder if you can advise.

i and my friend went to our local cook inlet (water) keepers meeting last thursday,
where i was allowed to speak about five mins. about the gas wells going in here.

 i felt i did a good job of explaining what was going on, but the leader told me
he'd asked the main exec if the wells were being fracked and was told no.

i told him i spoke to a worker there on the pad and he said that yes,
they were definately fracking those wells.

i asked the leader what can we do to force the gas co. to not harm our water, air, etc.
everything went silent.
nobody had an answer for that.

i was thinking they'd want to be active and suggest a protest,
or some sort of informational campaign, but nothing. they moved on to other questions.

so it became very clear that they will be of no help to me having 4 wells half a mile away.
it would be different if the wells were in their backyards.

it was clear they were a bunch of yuppies who were there mainly to do a required meeting
and just wanted to get their paychecks. it was frustrating.

so how do i begin getting actively involved in doing something that will make a difference?
it's clear the wells will be here till i'm dead, but i'd like to wake people up so they
won't lease anymore land to them.

i've never been an activist and need to get started doing something,
because this whole situation is really getting to me emotionally...

i can't sleep at night and have to wear earplugs to stop the drone of their machines.

and now my daughter and granddaughter are getting this rash on their faces,
around their eyes and i'm wondering if our air is already so polluted that it's causing
the rash. i've never had to deal with anything like this,

so i don't know where to begin and i do want to become active. any suggestions?

and i'm getting a new video camera so i can start recording what i see on the pad.
i want ppl to see what liars they are, and how dangerous they are to our lives here.

you know i could become the best activist in the world and these jokers will still be
here when i'm dead and gone. that's the main frustration i'm feeling. there doesn't
seem to be much we can do to stop them, unless one wants to risk going to prison or dying,
and i'd like to live a bit longer to enjoy my grandkids.

i'm at a loss here as to what i should try to do.
i'll take any suggestions you might have, or if you can recommend anyone to talk to,
 i'd appreciate it. thanks for listening, william.

i appreciate your comments about the gas wells.


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Heather Ann said...


I am a resident here - I live in the Mat-Su Borough, and I wouldn't be fearful of the wells. We have a number of abandoned wells in the area of live in and granted they are old and not in production but I've never had problems.

We need them here, not just for the oil and gas consumption for the residents but the royalties and rent pays the vast majority of our budget and give us all out PFD every year. So unless Alaskan's want to buck up and pay higher oil and gas prices, not to mention taxes to make up the loss we are going to have to find a way to get along.

As far as stopping to lease land the state, feds and natives/native corps pretty much own everything. Very very few residents own their subsurface rights, and the state can't transfer ownership or the feds take it - part of how we became a state.

The only thing I can suggest looking into a noise ordinance for the sound at night. I've always been told when I ask folks is that they are only suppose to make a great deal of noise when being drilled, not when in production, and that they have to adhere to public noise ordinances.