Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time Out!

I've been thinking about how our language has been
co-opted and corrupted and perverted
the dual meanings of "permit", "regulate".
There is an implied "allow" in both of those.

So in waging this battle against hyrdrofracking,
with unhealty mind states, feeling frustrated, angry, afraid, disempowered
we are waging war against ourselves.

We can spend time in the material world
...studying the law, going to meetings, creating ralliess, voting, etc....
and this does seem to be important work.

We are not going to win this battle
in the material world,
since the other side has MUCH more
money, power, material, attorneys,
then we do.

We need to find a hidden source of energy.
A secret source of energy we never knew we had.
This energy exists! It is a subtle energy.
Some call it "feminine physics".

There is a metaphysical power of language
which we can learn to use to our advantage.

Remember all those Think-Tanks in DC
which a funded by industry.
They hire the top psychologists
and they generate memes,
language, messages, signs, signals.

We need to be as skillful with language
as they are.

I suggest that everyone who is passionately engaged in this issue
or any aspect of life,
spend some time studying metaphysics
and practicing some form of inner-work,
like meditation.

I have found the study and practice of
Yoga, Buddhism, Vedanta, Louise Hay, Abraham/Hicks, ACIM,
NVC, Theosophy, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle
all to be quite useful.

I would also recommend learning about
Zero Point Energy, Nikola Tesla, Nassim Haramein, Gregg Braden, What the Bleep,
Lynn McTaggart, Amit Goswami, etc.

On the subject of the metaphysical power of language,
I would highly recommend Robert Anton Wilson:

This is not your normal anti-fracking video,
but watching this will help you in your activist work:

Create an amazing day!

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