Monday, July 18, 2011

ANTI-FRACKERS! Do you like watching videos? Please Help with an Important Video Project! (It's easy!)


1: Do you want to help fight fracking in NY?

2: Do you like to watch videos on the internet?

Then we need YOU!!

Please help with this important video project!!!!!!

We are trying to compile a comprehensive educational video about
ALL the risks of hyrdrofracking for the citizens of NY,
compiling and excerpting from the vast wealth of online sources.

We are assembling a team of people from all over
who are helping us with this project,

Please be a part of this project.

When you find a video about any of the issues around Hydrofracking/Gas Drilling
which is EXCELLENT, please visit this page and fill out the form below.

THANK YOU!! And please share the link to this page with all your
email groups who are fighting fracking:

If you have trouble viewing the form below, please visit this link:

Don't forget to scroll down and press SUBMIT when you are done!

Don't forget press SUBMIT when you are done!
(If you don't see it just above, then please locate the scroll bar just above and to the right.)

If you have trouble viewing the form below, please try this link:

If you have any problem with this form,
please email
or call 607-321-7846.

A project of

May the Great Spirit
guide our actions
in order to help us
protect this wonderful place
for Seven Generations...

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