Saturday, December 31, 2011

New TV show on the Binghamton University Deer Slaughter now playing Time Warner Cable ch 4

Fridays 10pm-midnight
Saturdays 6pm-8pm.
Time Warner Cable channel 4 (near Binghamton NY)

This is a compilation of local news reports,
plus original footage and interviews.

...including David Currie of the Binghamton Regional Sustainable Coalition
who discusses carrying capacity and population overshoot,
Dr. Stephen Cleghorn, a PA farmer who discusses Nonviolent Direct Action,

We get a guided tour of the Nature Preserve with local deer hunter Steve Tompkins
showing that Julian Shepard's assertion of "no new growth in years" seems to be
"at variance with the facts" (saying it nicely). Also -- what are those Mystery Mounds,
hundreds of them scattered throughout the preserve, which is apparently acting as bait?

Features archival footage of Derrick Jensen and Marshall Rosenberg.
Footage of Anthony Dinicola / White Buffalo (professional deer slaughterers) at work.

Also a strange bit at the end, shot at the City of Binghamton "fracking ban" hearing,
where I approached Julian Shepard and Dick Andrus (BU faculty who ordered
the death of 90 wild animals / sentient beings), with Vic Furman (whom the local
Fractivists know well) doing "OMs" in the background.... *

This is an early rough cut:

(In the final version, I cut the Devo song, I added Cleghorn in its place.
I also expanded on the assertion "there is no Deer Problem".
I want to go further into the metaphysics of language. Added more appropriate
Dinicola rifle slaughtering [BLECH! How did I get stuck doing this work!?]
This is an evolving work and story. I will be posting updates soon)

(* This final sequence is a montage. It basically is what really happened. The audio of Vic doing OMs and the shot of Julian and Dick is authentic, as it really happened. The pullout due to Julian's movement was digital, done in post. My camera was locked down, so the shot couldn't change. Camera was 30' from the action, so it couldn't pick up what Dick Andrus said to me, or my question. I slowed it down by 30%. The cutaway to me and to Vic was added in post. Basically authentic. Although I didn't hold or mention the petition to them in actuality. The photo was just a convenient photo I had available. I approached them with low-key energy, respectfully. The montage is because I added an audio layer, audio of me being interviewed by Jim Rotundo(?) of WBNG News. Notice Julian gets happy when he sees me return to my camera. )

Don't miss this one folks!
Time Warner Cable, channel 4 Saturday at 6pm.... THAT's RIGHT NOW!!

New updates will be reflected next week... got some amazing things to tell you...
stay tuned!!!

Thanks to all of the producers are Newschannel 34, Fox 40, YNN, and WBNG for the great work on this story.
(If your piece was included, please send me your names so I can credit you in the final piece-- thanks!!)

Vic doing OMs may be partially explained by this:

Namaste -- Peace -- Nya:Weh

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