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Fayette County, PA: Families held at Gun Point

From: Gloria Forouzan
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Subject: SCGF Fayette County, PA: Families held at Gun Point

If anyone has any suggestions or can be of assistance, or can point these families to a good criminal attorney, please email me:

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From: Marigrace Butela
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Subject: Families held at Gun Point in Fayette County PA

Today was a frightening and horrific experience for David and Linda Headley of Springhill Twp, Fayette County along with friends, Phyllis Carr, husband Larry and granddaughter, 17 year old Rhonda Carr. The Headley's purchased a farm in 2010 without the gas rights. The family was aware of the possibility of drilling but never imagined the negative effects the drilling would have on their family and property. David & Linda recently went to a Fayette County Commissioners Meeting to protest ACT 13 drilling in residentual area and carried with them a jar of methane/oil that was leaking from one of the well heads. Their horses have nosebleeds and they have sores on the bottom of their hoofs. The Headley's claim their farm is contaminated. Testing was done on the property and they are waiting for the results.

In 2011 the Headley's signed a gas pipe easement. Laurel Mountain Midstream, LLC contracted a company to start construction. Ground broke for the pipeline in early April. Mr. Headley claims that after 2,000 ft was constructed for the pipeline, the company changed their minds, abandoned the project and decided they would take a another route on his property. Meanwhile this company hired Templar Protection, LLC to provide security to the area. The license plate on the security car read Lousiana even though the internet states their office to be in Petersburg, Florida. A constable named Julie Delaware was on David & Linda Headley's private drive on their property last night. When David questioned why she was on his property, her answer was I am here because your name is on the list along with others!! David told her to leave. Late last night, the Headley's roped off the area that was going to be the new easement for the pipeline. Early this morning Phyllis Carr and her husband along with their granddaughter went to the Headley farm to offer their support and to video tape what was going on. A local newspaper, The Herald Standard was supposed to send a newsperson, but did not.

The Headley's and the Carr's claim that 5 PA State Police cars rushed in on the Headley's Farm and the officers held them all at gun point!! They told everyone that they were going to search them and their vehicles, but did not. The Headley's and the Carr's were told to remove themselves from the property and stand in the middle of a township road with the police guns loaded and pointed at them. The families involved claim that the police did not give them their names. The families are trying today to find out the names of these state police and who called them to come to the property. A gentlemen named Clayton J. Harris arrived on the scene the same time the police came. Mr. Harris has been given Power of Attorney for Laurel Mountain Midstream, LLC & Williams for all the agreements that grant easements, rights of way, licenses, permits, etc.

These families have been treated as if they are criminals on their own property. What's NEXT? These families need all the support we can give.

Thank you for all your help everyone
Marigrace Butela
Fayette County PA

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