Saturday, July 28, 2012

Binghamton Ban in Court yesterday (video)

Team Slottje-Heath did a great job yesterday
defending the Binghamton Ban on Hydrofracking
before Hon. Ferris D. Lebousm, Broome County State Supreme Court.

Robert Wedlake and Ken Kamlet (both with Hinman, Howard & Kattell)
represented the petitioners.

There were about 30-40 people observing, a nice turnout.

While IANAL, it seems this lawsuit is highly defective.
The plaintiffs filed weeks the statute of limitation had expired,
and they lack standing (no injury in fact).

Here is commentary from Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan
and a member of the defense team, Joe Heath:


ChipTex said...

Have not followed this - but the plaintiff missed the statute of limitations, was not damaged and had no standing in the city . . . really ? Then this sounds like a fracking PR stunt

Bill Huston said...


Just like the Middlefield & Dryden lawsuite, the Cabot picnic, Truthland, the JLCNY jobs fair, "Enough is Enough", etc. ad nauseum.

All staged PR stunts.

Rock The Praize 607 said...

Rich David's up next as Mayor. Dougie Drazen may run but he can't match Rich's money. Then whtever Matt Ryan did will be undone by Rich. He wants natural gas drilling for Bingo. He says it will bring ALOT of money to our area. And it will!

Bill Huston said...

If the Dems run an anti-fracking candidate, then whom ever will win by a landslide. This is the main issue people care about, and there is an 80% super majority against fracking throughout the southern tier.