Sunday, December 2, 2012


Have you ever seen a really hot girl? (sexually attractive)

Or have you ever been bothered by a really IRRITATING PERSON?
Have you ever lied down in a field of Green Grass?

What if I told you there is no such thing as an "irritating person"?
or a "hot chick" or "green grass?

People who speak of such are conflating very different things.
Don't worry! this is extremely common.... 

Here's the truth, if you are ready for it:

1: There is the perceived object, the thing, or the person.

2: There is your experience of the thing,
your perceptions, your reaction to the object, thing, person. This is your judgment of the thing. There is your name for the thing. There are emotions and body sensations which come up.

Please see these two different things:
Number #1 is an external object(*).

(*Well, apparently. We will question even this in an advanced lesson :)

When people talk about a "hot girl" or an "irritating person", they are giving the name of an internal experience to an apparently objective external object.

I would call this an error. It's imprecise. It shows a lack of mindfulness,
or a lack of skill.

I've seen some people who are really miserable. (I used to be one of them!) They look around them, and can see mostly "assholes". They are mean to these assholes, because, as assholes, they deserve only contempt.

What such people do not realize is that
"Asshole-ness" is a quality which exists as a judgment in the mind of the observer.
"Asshole-ness" is not a quality intrinsic in external objects!
Yet many speak as though this were true.

Yoga calls this confusion or mental noise "chitta vritti".
Mastery of this leads to special powers.
It's a really powerful Jedi Mind Trick.

This is one step on the path which leads to happiness, miracles, healings...
all kinds of wonderful things.

This is a powerful metaphysical mind-over-matter technique.

Mastery of this causes the experience of "assholes" to VANISH!
Every asshole, every annoying person.... POOF!
Gone forever!

This is powerful magic voodoo mojo
for advanced souls who are ready to practice flying.

"We are trapped in Lingustic Constructs. All that IS is metaphor" -- Robert Anton Wilson

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