Saturday, January 19, 2013

WOW: Video on public access Tonight/Binghamton area Sat 6-8pm TWC ch4

I'm playing a video on my my TV show
tonight Saturday 6-8pm in the Binghamton area.

This is a 2-hour excerpt of a 12 hour public hearing in Albany 1-10-13

The order is
  • Janette Barth, PhD (Economist)
  • Ron Bishop, PhD (Chemistry, SUNY Oneonta)
  • Sandra Steingraber, PhD (Distinguished Scholar, Ithaca College)
  • Bill Huston (Noted Spurious Authority / Certified Uncredentialed Hack Blogger)
  • Rachel Treichler, Esq. (Riparian Rights Expert)
  • Craig Stevens (Affected PA landowner, 6th generation)
Tell you friends in Binghamton-area to tune in to
Time Warner Cable channel 4 tonight between 6-8pm.

This show is smoking hot! You will definitely learn about the
latest state of the NY fracking regs, AND hear about some real
actualities from PA.

The panel with Ron, Sandra, and Jannette is excellent.
(Sandra helped to bring the 30 Days of Fracking Regs website to life
which produced tens-of-thousands of comments.)

Rachel and I both talk about how
NY water is already being impacted
BEFORE there is HVHF permitted in NY

Rachel discusses PA Drilling Cuttings/Leachate coming to NY Landfills,

I talk about 190,000 NYers Downstream of nasty/stinky/dirty/toxic/leaking
PA HVHF drilling operations)

The Grand Finale is when Craig Stevens slams his jug
of yellow Dimock water on the table
and tells you about how Vic Furman, Tom Shepstone, and Phelim McAlear all refuse to drink it.
Why? Because it's poison and they don't want to die!

Don't miss this, folks!

All of the videos are online here:

But nothing is like turning on your TV and watching a SHOW!

Time Warner Cable, Binghamton area (72,000 homes)
tonight, Saturday 6pm-8-m  Public Access Channel 4

Repeats Friday 10pm-midnight.

Tell your friends in the Binghamton area to tune in!

Public Access TV is a good reason to get cable TV.
There is NOTHING like this on local PBS or NPR
or anywhere on the commercial dial, folks...

If there is interest I will try to make a batch of this set on to DVDs.

Watch, enjoy, share
(tell your friends to watch)

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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