Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cabot Drilling at the Costello Well in Violation of Consent Agreement

As reported by Vera Scroggins and Craig Stevens,
there has been a lot of activity at the Costello well.

First, between Wed Feb 13 and Thu Feb 14,
crews came in and removed the leaking brine tanks.
Why? This is unheard of. Highly unusual.

Several calls in to George Stark, he is not returning phone calls.
Bill DesRosiers (Cabot PR, formerly EID) has a day off and doesn't
know what's going on.

Vera visited Cabot HQ to ask some questions and security was called(!).
I visited Cabot HQ and there 4:30 on Friday, and the guy I spoke with
didn't know about that site.

Several calls were placed into PA DEP and no response.

Next, yesterday, Fri Feb 15 2012 a drill rig was installed.

Costello wells are specifically called out in the final Consent Agreement
between Cabot Oil and Gas and the PA DEP:

Unless this is a "service rig", or a "workover rig"
which several people are saying it might be,
then it (they claim) would be permissible under the consent agreement.

Still, it seems that Cabot should be more forthcoming
with information.

Photos and video are coming soon.

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