Saturday, February 2, 2013

CANCER, WAR, FRACKING, & RAPE: common root cause

and other forms of
these all have a common root cause:
Greed & Hatred.

Greed and Hatred
are also called
Craving and Aversion
or Attachment and Resentment
and Dislikes

These are all the same affliction.

Let us be mindful that 
an expectation
to cure cancer,
or to end war, fracking, or rape,
though the expression of strong Greed or Hatred,
is not likely to achieve the desired outcomes,
and is more likely to perpetuate the problem.

As activists, we often get caught up
in working to change things in the "outside world",
and we neglect the inner world.

The antidote for all these afflictions
has been known for 5,000 years,
and it's not an outer-world thing.

The antidote is Compassion
(Universal love, respect, kindness, contentment, gratitude).
Compassion is the antidote to all suffering and violence.

Compassion is not something you can force another to practice.
Compassion is only something one's-own-self can practice.

end WARs, stop FRACKING and RAPE.

Let us be MINDFUL of Craving and Aversion
whenever these arise.

Our authentic experience should be welcomed
whatever it is at the moment.

The practice of meditation can help.
Sitting still for a moment:
"Observe and Allow" / Here-Now
whatever arises within the many dimensions of conscious experience
(thoughts, emotions, body sensations, etc)

Yet, let our many daily choices of action,
thought, speech
and deed,
that they are all informed through
a practice of Compassion.

This collective change in our consciousness
will change the world.

This is ancient wisdom.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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