Monday, April 8, 2013

Exxon Mobil Pegasus Pipeline Map

All of these maps were created by William Huston,

License: CC-BY-NC (-attr is implied).
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Pegasus Pipeline, Overview 1

Pegasus Pipeline, Overview2

Pegasus Pipeline, Texas detail

Pegasus Pipeline, Missouri / Illinois detail

Pegasus Pipeline, Arkansas detail


Joye McCarley-Short said...

We live along the Ouachita River, downstream of Lakes Ouachita, Hamilton, and Catherine. Could you provide specific coordinates (long-lat) where the Pegasus Pipeline crosses the river. The maps are too coarse to determine specifically, but the pipeline appears to cross down from Blakely Mtn Dam (upper reaches of Lake Hamilton). Lake Hamilton is an important residential and recreational lake, and part of Hot Springs water supply is drawn from that portion of the river. I have heard that the Central Arkansas Water System has requested rerouting of the Pegasus to protect the Little Rock water supply (Lake Maumelle watershed). Please respond to this email address or Thanks for the quick work to help us understand the potential impacts of future spills from this pipeline. Jeff Short, Corresponding Secretary, Ouachita River Park Commission.

Bill Huston said...

Joye or Jeff, I do not have that information. The best source of public information is the NPMS Public Viewer. It's part of PHMSA.

It's not very high resolution, the browser is clunky, it's only transmission lines (we're in luck here w/Pegasus), you can only see one county at a time, and the maps seem intentionally distorted.

Bill Huston said...

Here are the affected areas:

Forman, Little River County
Sevier County, Pond Creek NWR, Falls Chapel, Pennys, Bellville, Milford, Locksburg
roughly, along 26 in Howard County
North and West of Murphreesboro, south of Lake Gleeson, and through Glenwood, Pike County
Along Hwy 70 in Montgomery County
Pearcy, Royal, Mountain Pine, Hot Springs Village, Jesseville, Garland County
south of Lake Winonah, Saline County
along the north end of Lake Maumelle, Pulaski County
Mayflower, north of Lake Conway, south of Holland, Enola and Mt. Vernon, Faulkner County
Romance, north of Lake Barnett, Latona, White County
Pleasant Plains, Mangnuss, Rosie, Sulfur Rock, Charlotte, Cord, Independence County
Saffell, Strawberry, Lynn, north of Lake Charles, Powhatan, Black Rock, Lawrence County
Old Davidson St. Park, Pocahontas, Maynard, Randolph County

Bill Huston said...

I just published some maps here:

Hope this helps...

Genieve Long said...

do you know where i could find a map of the locations of the shut off valves for the pegasus line in arkansas?

Genieve Long said...

where would i find a map of where the shut off valves are on the pegasus in Arkansas?

Bill Huston said...

Genieve Long -- I am looking for the same thing. If you find the source, let me know. I am specifically looking for the location of the valve downstream from Mayflower. I had it once, but can't find it now.

Bill Huston said...

Genieve Long-- I can't find the original article which identified the shutoff valve, I have found it again:
34.88, -92.671

That is the downstream valve. According to this document, the upstream valve is 95,040 ft away, which is 18 miles.

The Conway compressor is at 35.125,-92.28, but it's much farther away. It's about 28 miles as the crow flies. I'd estimate between 35 and 40 miles of pipeline.

Bill Huston said...

I have located two possible locations for the upstream cut-off valve. This should be verified by Exxon Mobil documents.

34.992644,-92.42038 or 34.975202,-92.421588

Mike said...

Hi Bill,

Can I ask how you stitched together the county maps from the NPMS viewer?

Bill Huston said...

> Can I ask how you stitched together the county maps from the NPMS viewer?

My God, it took me a solid day's work. 24 hours straight. I first started with a very high resolution of the outline of each state w/counties, like maybe 5000x5000.

Then I took screen grabs of NPMS using GIMP. Scaled it to the base map, then extracted just the red and blue components.

The worse part was, after I got it all done, I was so exhausted, I typed the wrong command, and I lost the source image with all the layers. But at least I got it done.

Seems stupid really. I shouldn't have had to do all that work. PHMSA should make a better browser available to the public.

Mike said...

Wow! Good job! Thanks for responding.