Friday, May 31, 2013

Obscene Gestures by Gas Industry Workers and Supporters

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Photo: Wendy Lynne Lee
Richard A "Skip" Leonard who sold the trailer park he owned, the Riverdale Community in Jersey Shore, PA
to Aqua-PVR, who had plans to turn it into a water withdrawal facility.

This act displaced 32 families, mostly elderly and poor people with little means to find new lodging. The forced displacement of persons is a human rights violation according to the UN Charter on Human Rights.

Rather than face the guilt and shame of his actions,
he copes by turning to hatred of the very people he displaced,
and the people who were giving aid.

Photo: Vera Scroggins

Unknown gas industry worker for Williams Pipeline Company, May 30 2013,
Liberty Township, Susquehanna County PA.

Vera was just documenting the changes (destruction) to her county.
The workers involved, practice hatred
towards the locals who complain or resist.
Photo: Bill Huston

Vic Furman, of the JLCNY and Energy in Depth. This was as people were walking from Montrose to Dimock, to both symbolicaly and actually carry water to people whose wells have been contaminated by the gas industry. Vic is a pro-gas landowner from Chenango County and Broome County with a history of hostile disruptions of meetings, name-calling, threats, and other bullying.

Rather than help people in need, Vic retreats here to PJ's a bar in S. Montrose PA, as he shoots his ass at me
and the people carrying water. What is the source of this hatred?

Workers for SWN in New Brunswick, Canada

Worker exposing himself to Tahltan traditional people peacefully protesting
a Shell Canada Coalbed Methane project site in Klappan River Headwaters region,
near Iskut, British Columbia!  More: Klabona Keepers
Spectra Energy Nexus pipeline in Fulton County Ohio July 2015
photo: Renee Walker

I fear this hatred,
which is beginning to turn into action
as these photos indicate
can lead to violence.

We the people who love clean water and life and mountains and deer,
who care about preserving the earth for seven generations,
we should practice offering these people compassion.

Issuing hatred back at them may escalate.


Vera said...

Not sure if it's hatred; disrespect and disagreement with the opposition; Where Vic mooned you, that establishment, PJ's, is now closed !
it's in South Montrose, Pa., where plenty of drilling has happened. Two Businesses closed at their four corners this year.

wolfman said...

NEXUS worker fired after landowner takes photo of worker’s offensive gesture

The picture of the finger saw around the world was taken June 26, 2015