Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Paean to Tom Shepstone, by David Slottje

From one of the super-heroes of this movement, David Slottje, who-- along with his super-hero wife Helen form the dynamic-duo of Community Environmental Defense Council-- has been viciously attacked by Tom Shepstone of EID / IPAA for the last several years.

Since Tom has been chartered to lead the "Frack NY Quick" campaign, and since NY is still frack-free, and since business folks are results-oriented, and since 1+1+1 still equals 3, David predicts Tom Shepstone's soon departure.

Every day I practice Metta-- I wish that all beings are happy and free from suffering, including Tom Shepstone. As being one who has also been attacked by EID, I will not mourn his departure.

-- BH

A Paean to Tom Shepstone, by David Slottje

June 29, 2013
“I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”
                                              (Julius Caesar by Wm. Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene II) 

The battle for the essence and soul of New York State, now being fought between those who want to be fracked and those who would try to save the planet, has many noteworthy facets, one of which is the colorful nature of many of the participants. Both sides have their share of unconventional folks, but some of my favorites line up on the ‘frack-­‐me’ side of the war.

I speak, for example, of the courageous blogger who relentlessly and scurrilously attacks fracking opponents, by name, over and over and over again, but who himself cowers behind multiple screen names – sometimes going so far as to refer to himself in his blogs in the third person: “ … and then Mr. [so-­‐and-­‐so] boldly stood up, and set straight the [particular town board in question] about the lies that [the anti-­‐fracking attorney] had just told them.” (Yes, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, I’m talking about YOU.)

Or, the LYING – yes, thank you, I am VERY aware of what is involved when one uses that particular term – blogger who doesn’t simply blog and defame anonymously, but is so cowardly that he goes so far as to ‘publish’ (look that term up, since we’re on the subject of defamation) defamatory comments literally using a fake name. Not a screen name, mind you, but a fake/fraudulent name. (Yeah, Mr. Phat, I am talking about YOU.)

Or, the ‘frack-­‐me and frack-­‐everybody else too’ activist who goes from town to town, telling the town boards of various towns where she does not live that those Town Boards should not listen to people who (like her) don’t live in the Town where she happens to be speaking (huh? really?), rudely pointing at individual town board members and promising that they WILL BE SUED in their personal (non-­‐town board member) capacities if they pass a moratorium, literally giving ‘the finger’ to town board meeting attendees who disagree with her pro-­‐fry-­‐the-­‐planet stance, and who then takes to the Internet to anonymously (see a pattern here?)  accuse anti-­‐frack people of being rude or disrespectful. (Yes princess, I’m talking about YOU.)

I could go on, but the person I really want to give his due today is Tom (“I didn’t lose my planning association credentials; I simply decided that I didn’t want to pay the association dues any more”) Shepstone.

You see, it is my instinct and opinion – only that, only my opinion; I do not purport to know – that it is just a matter of time before Energy-­‐in-­‐Depth Marcellus and Mr. Shepstone part company. Again, this is no more than my instinct and opinion. But if I am correct that Mr. Shepstone could be departing EID sooner than later, then given the amount of column space that he has generously accorded to my wife and me over the past few years, it seems like it would be just plain wrong not to give him a tip o’ the cap on his way out. (You know, kind of like if the Red Sox didn’t give a little nod to Alex Rodriguez when the Yankees finally decide enough-­‐is-­‐enough.)

Here’s why I’m guessing Mr. Shepstone could find himself ‘pursuing other interests.’ It is my understanding that Mr. Shepstone runs the New York (State) project for EID Marcellus. EID Marcellus is itself a project of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), a very powerful representative of the most powerful industry on the planet. Given his title, I assume that part of Mr. Shepstone’s job is driving (Internet) traffic to the EID Marcellus web site, and part of it is developing and implementing strategies to let frackers have their way in New York State.

Now, you may or may not agree with the politics of the Fossil Fuel Industry//IPAA//EID-­‐ Marcellus folks – obviously, I do not – but there should be no question that they have some incredibly smart and talented people on their ‘side’ of this war, and some of those people are business people. And business people pay attention to results.

So, while this war about whether industry has proven that it is safe to frack is not even close to being over, this does seem as good a time as any to see what EID’s ROI (return-­‐on-­‐investment) in Mr. Shepstone might look like at this (admittedly) early point in time.

As to web site traffic, it appears to be down. Presumably EID’s sophisticated business people will attribute at least some part of that to the sterling editorial judgments Mr. Shepstone has made with respect to what is and what isn’t relevant to those who might consider using the EID site as a resource. Here are some of Mr. Shepstone’s choices: “If trees could talk, they’d say ‘Burn Natural Gas, Not Wood”; “Promised Land Missing its Mark with Film Reviewers”; ‘Cabot Gives Away Toys at Christmastime’; “Town of Highland Gets Sued Over Natural Gas Ban” (ah, no, they didn’t; I guess I must have missed the correction of that one when it ran); and “Norse Energy Shows the Way!” (whoops! might want to take that one down, don’t you think?).

[[And by the way, if you do decide to look into taking down certain posts, you might want to examine the one entitled “Slottje Duo Hits a Wall in Bath” where, in a post “by Energy in Depth National Team,” the head of the local landowners’ coalition says he saw “first hand the other night in Bath” (emphasis added) an attempt by my wife and me to “pull the wool over the eyes of Steuben County residents,” and that “Boy, did they get a surprise from the Village of Bath Town (sic) Board” and that “the Village Board saw straight through their act […]”

One of the problems for Mr. Shepstone with this particular post is that my wife and I have never presented to or even attended a meeting of the Village of Bath Board or of the Town of Bath Board – not individually or together, not on the night in question, and not at any other time on any other date. (For that matter, I haven’t been to Bath, Maine in years, and neither of us has ever been to Bath, England.) How -­‐ on Mr. Shepstone’s watch -­‐ can the ‘EID National Team’ publish a dead-­‐wrong, purported “first hand” account of an occurrence that actually never happened? Well, I have my own theories, but if EID really cares enough to find out, maybe they will start by asking Mr. Shepstone directly. The buck is supposed to stop with him,

Anyway, back to the web site. Giving credit where it is due, it does appear that Mr. Shepstone is now feverishly attempting to drive traffic to the EID site: as fast as he can type, he posts or causes to be posted EID Marcellus stories (such as those described above) to other, chiefly pro-­‐frack landowner group-­‐sponsored sites. But then, instead of simply cutting and pasting the story or blog in full on the site of the place he is piggy-­‐backing – which is typically what one would do if one really wanted as many people as possible to have the information being presented (because each additional ‘click’ required to get to a discussion or post statistically lessens the chances that the post in question will actually be read) – Mr. Shepstone only posts part of the article, with a hyperlink back to EID Marcellus. By definition, that approach is not optimal for the ‘side’ Mr. Shepstone is being paid to represent, because it lessens the overall chances that the intended audience will actually read the story in question. But it can be better for Mr. Shepstone personally, because the (statistically) fewer people who do end trying to read the story must go through the link to EID’s web site to do so, and that gives Mr. Shepstone more additional ‘clicks’ that he can report as web site ‘traffic’ to his bosses.
OK, on to the second part of what I assume Mr. Shepstone’s job to be: convincing people who live in New York State that industry has proven that fracking is safe.
Now, when trying to refute an adversary’s contention (no matter the subject matter), I believe and I think most people would agree that the most effective approach is to deal with the opponent’s contention directly, by specifically addressing (and hopefully rebutting) the particulars of the opponent’s position. But Mr. Shepstone and his team appear to prefer a different, less conventional approach. Let me give you just a few examples.

(For purposes of the following examples, when I say “we” or “our side,” I mean people who believe that fracking is not a good idea, whether because the industry has not come even close to proving from a long-­‐term perspective that fracking is safe, or for some other reason(s). And when I say “they” or “their side,” I mean Mr. Shepstone, bloggers who work for Mr. Shepstone, or bloggers on the various sites to which Mr. Shepstone posts things.) So here’s some of what I’m talking about:

WE say: that fracking – no matter how broadly or narrowly the other side tries to define that term/process – HAS, IN FACT, been PROVEN to have contaminated ground water sources. We say it unequivocally, without any qualifier of any kind, and in the case of my wife and myself, we say it daring someone to sue us over having said it. 

THEY say: some of the clothes that Yoko Ono designs for her company to sell are expensive.


WE say: that the claims made by industry’s supporters as to the number of jobs to be generated in NYS if fracking is allowed in are in fact wildly inflated and misleading, and that the majority of the jobs that according to industry will be created in fact will not go to New Yorkers, and that most of the jobs that might go to NY-­‐ers will be only temporary.

THEY say: one high-­‐profile opponent of fracking in NYS (and in other places, as well) might not be heterosexual.

Hmm, OK.

WE say: that the notion that NYS has ‘the strictest (fracking) regulations in the country’ and that fracking opponents accordingly should take comfort that the health and safety of generations-­‐to-­‐come will be protected by NY’s DEC is poppycock, balderdash, and nonsense, because (among many, many other reasons) such regulations do not exist, and the Commissioner of the DEC himself relatively recently said that if he wanted to, he could issue drilling permits without any such regulations being in place.  

THEY say: one high-­‐profile Southern Tier opponent of fracking has over the course of his lifetime lived in many different places.

Hmm, OK.

WE say: fracking activities have the potential to produce a combination of negative impacts upon the environment and people living in or in proximity to the areas or communities in which such activities are located. Such negative impacts may include, without limitation, noise, vibrations, fumes, damage to roadways, degradation of water quality, degradation of air quality, decreased availability of affordable housing, damage to and loss of agricultural lands and soils, fragmentation of natural communities and valuable wildlife and flora corridors, and damage to tourism industries.

THEY say: that the young man who had the temerity to point out that Mr. Shepstone saw fit in his own gas lease to insist upon negotiating a provision that keeps fracking farther away from his house than the setback distances contemplated by the draft SGEIS to be the standard in New York State, is not credible because, inter alia, the young man graduated from college only several years ago, the young man works for the young man’s father, and the father was a “preppy” in college.

Alrighty then.

WE say: fracking activities typically involve a large volume of heavy vehicles, and accidents involving heavy vehicles have greater potential for death or serious injuries and property damage than those involving smaller vehicles. An increased volume of heavy vehicular traffic may cause, contribute to, or create unsafe conditions for the traveling public, and can result in traffic congestion that could delay emergency response times for medical emergencies, fires, and accidents. Further, increased heavy vehicular traffic tends to increase air pollution and noise levels, and to decrease the quality of life and property values for those living nearby.
THEY say: one high-­‐profile anti-­‐fracking activist does not seem to have any solar panels on his home.

OK, then. Pretty much rebuts the claim that fracking hasn’t been proven safe, right?

I could go on and on, but the pattern is I think quite clear. Now, is Mr. Shepstone’s approach to winning hearts and minds effective? I do have an opinion (hint: in Latin there is a phrase, res ipsa loquitur, which means ‘the thing speaks for itself), but Mr. Shepstone would say that no one should listen to me because I live in what he calls ‘Planet Ithaca.’ Anyway, much more interesting than what I think will be to watch how this unfolds from EID’s perspective.

If I am correct and it turns out that the sophisticated business people at EID do not like the results Mr. Shepstone has delivered, I very much want to be among the first to tell A-­‐Rod – I mean Mr. Shepstone – to enjoy whatever the next phase for him turns out to be.

If I’m wrong, and EID decides not to change pitchers right now, I can say from the bottom of my heart: “Mr. Shepstone, there are a great many of us waiting to bat who are very happy to see you on the mound. And please don’t change a thing. Go ahead and stick with that curve ball that keeps hanging; heck, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Signed with all due respect,
David Slottje


frack/fright said...

Very enjoyable read!

Vic Furman said...

Thank you for showing the world the definition of fear. It is quite obvious your fear facts thus the attack on the providor....

Bill Huston said...

Yes, Vic, when you moon me, body-slam me, tell me "go fuck yourself" nearly ever time I say "Hi Vic!", I do get some fear.

I think you should work on releasing all the hatred you hold before you act on your hatred in a regrettable manner.

I found Yoga helpful for my own anger/hatred. I've heard Buddhist meditation also helps people.

I hope you can find happiness, because when you finally get that big payout you want so badly, you will learn that money doesn't not purchase happiness.

And as Yoko Ono (affected NY Landowner) will tell you, money does NOT purchase you extra political power when the pipeline wants to bisect your property.

You can find happiness, inside, right now, as you are.

frack/fright said...

Is Vic getting paid overtime by EID to stalk your posts? I hope so, as he may also be out of a job soon.

Greedylandowner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greedylandowner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greedylandowner said...


You use Buddha as your convenient shield. But you are no different than those who you complain about.

You have become what it is you despise.

Maybe you can explain this from your Lord Fox?

Bryant La Tourette Sr.

Greedylandowner said...

posted on bills site will he post it?

I hope this post finds you well. I do not agree with your socialist views but you are in a country that allows free speech.
Is Slottja out of work? Haven't seen him in a while? Amazing he can slam someone when he has yet to prevail in defending any of his original moratoriums? Poor guy seems he cant win?
It appears Shepstone really got under his skin when he exposed Slottja lies. David is in for a real surprise in Sidney, it might just be his last stand? Slottja takes credit for Oxfords ban on "Fracking" in the Village. This guy is a piece of work. Oxford is a VILLAGE the setbacks alone rule it out for drilling! Slottja slick sales put in a surface ban but the subsurface is wide open. He sold ice to Eskimos! I hope the park foundation and supporters"money" understand this guy is very swift when it comes to taking money and giving nothing solid in return.
Maybe that is why he does not work in the real world anymore? I cant find any president cases that this shill has. Slottja states he has never litigated a case "he doesn't do that". That is for earth energy to do. Again he is a sales person on commission. A level below a desperate low end land man. I know this may seem harsh to some that would say how can you be so hard on someone that is terminally ill? The truth isn't always kind.
Bryant La Tourette Sr.

Bill Huston said...


Here are eight facts about Steve Lipsky:

1) his water was fine,

2) then there was gas drilling nearby

3) then, his water well got explosive levels of methane.

4) he connected a garden hose to the vent pipe on the water well to show the methane by lighting it on fire.

5) Sharon Wilson published a video about it

6) video went viral, national news story

7) Now his million dollar house is worthless.

8) Josh Fox put this in his latest movie. Talked about it on The Daily Show.

Now, can you tell me (by numbered statement), which one is a lie, fabricated, falsified, or misleading?


Greedylandowner said...

Again snap out of it watch the video are you saying everyone is lying including the court document?

Bill Huston said...

Bryant, I encourage you to look into the published news reports about the Lipsky case.

The "deception" which the court made an issue of was this:

It was a water hose, but it wasn't attached to the water pipe. It was attached to the vent on the water well.

It's not like he attached it to a gas line!

It's really silly. It's a pointless and trivial objection raised by Range Resources, in desperation.

NO he didn't "pump the gas there" as Phelim said. No pump was required.

There was EXPLOSIVE levels of has in the well head-space, EXACTLY as Josh Fox said on the John Stewart show.

Bill Huston said...

Hi Bryant:

No idea what you mean re: my "socialist views". That's just name calling. You have no idea what my views are. Why not ask me?

Also not sure about "Slottja". You mean David Slottje? Might be more clear if you spell the man's name correctly.

Also not sure what you mean about the moratoria. We now have 4 lower court decisions affirming the Slottje theory of home rule (Binghamton, Middlefield, Dryden, and Avon) and a unanimous decision at the first appellate court. So it's on very firm legal ground.

> Oxford is a VILLAGE the setbacks alone rule it out for drilling!

Not sure what you mean by that.
The village of Oxford is ~2 sq miles, so you can expect about 2 well pads, with 3-6 wells each.

Without a ban, the gas companies will put a well pad wherever they damn well please. There will be about 1 per square mile, assuming ideal spacing units. i.e., it could be greater that 1 pad per sq mile assuming less than ideal spacing units.

I did some rough calculations based on your assertion above, and I find it baseless. My conclusion is that 1/4 to 1/3 of the village would be eligible for a well pad site.

Have a look.

Hope this helps-- BH

Bill Huston said...

David Slottje Responds to Bryant La Tourette's comments here.

Greedylandowner said...

Thanks for forwarding my comments to Slottja , I do not know who is more predictable you or him?
David is a hot head and it is easy to set him off.
Just call him on one of his many lies as they did in Sidney NY One of the board member Mr. Wilson a respected resident and businessman called him a liar to his face , the town attorney called him a liar also.
David actually put the town attorneys name on the moratorium document without prior permission!
But lets focus on Davids three page letter that I am sure Park Foundation picked up the tab on.I'm guessing the three page response that totally missed the point took him an hour to compose. That has to be a $50 dollar bill based on his hourly rates. Anymore than that would be over selling abilities. David would fall into the category of one of those attorney that look for cases they can up sell to real attorneys like earth Justices stable.

David is correct in stating I would respond. I am predictable also. My response is simple and does not need three pages of non applicable BS.
David either misses the entire point or more than likely did some slick spin avoiding the real reason the Village put in a weak local law . I receive a monthly phone call s to pursue the local law as it is a slam dunk to have tossed out . It is not worth spending a dime on as it means nothing but feel good.!
The real hurt to Slottja mom and pop suite would be the Village of Oxford was looking to put in a Moratorium not a local law.
The local law came about when I dropped the papers for a lawsuit on the table of the Mayor and board.
Slottja is correct the landowners raised the money for the suit in a matter of ten days.
When the suit was reviewed and I will put it in terms Slottja could relate to” Bottom of the ninth bases loaded two outs down by 2 and OH NO! Slottjas up! ” The moratorium was dropped and a few weeks later the mayor rammed the local law 1 surface zoning through even after the county review warned them not to. The Village mayor was under pressure by the head of the Village planning board so they could get to their vacation home down south.
Again the local law1 is a surface law FOR A VILLAGE no company is going to drill a HVHF well in a populated area only 1.5 sq miles when they have 100 thousand acres to choose from in the town, its absolutely ridiculous! The local law 1 has no effect on the Town such as a moratorium would. The Village local law one is a feel good law. Most towns do not relies these mutated moratoriums are in place to explore a comprehensive plan “ZONING” and once they piss away taxpayers money figuring out how to put all new zoning in they find out they need a full time zoning office! That mean a car benefits insurance and bingo tax increase ! Now your larger Villages /Towns like Ithaca can afford a zoning officer, but small municipalities cannot. This whole small town moratoriums is a farce.
Municipalities that want economic growth are now using home rule to bring in economic opportunity. Recently a bunch of towns have split from the New York State Association of Towns (NYSAT) and are forming their own Association for progress in the upstate area of Marcellus development. In closing Slottja has helped wake up towns that home rule can also be used to bring in development.

Bill,I would also like to reply to your comment about calling you a socialist. You are correct that was an assumption. I apologize if I’m wrong. I based my assumption on your rant against standing and taking your hat off during our national anthem. Its seems you fully indulge in your freedom of speech but fail to understand the history and pride behind our nation and our symbol of freedom the stars and stripes that so many died for and allow you and I to write and post freely.

Bryant La Tourette Sr.

Bill Huston said...

Bryant, can you write one post without resorting to name-calling, e.g., "LIAR!" or "Socialist!"?

Your name-calling does not endear you to people. Name calling is not persuasion. You sound ignorant and angry.

PLEASE stick to the facts.

Couple of points for you:


The man's name is S-L-O-T-T-J-E. Why do you keep spelling it incorrectly? Are you trying to be funny, or rude, or disrespectful?


Lying is both a) getting the facts wrong, and b) INTENT TO DECEIVE.

You can almost never know someone's intent. So you really should never call someone a liar.

Here, let me repeat that: EVEN IF SOMEONE IS LYING, YOU CAN ALMOST NEVER KNOW FOR SURE, unless you can know their intent.

THE BEST YOU CAN DO is let someone know they got the facts wrong.

So please be courteous and civilized and STOP with your name calling. GROW UP. STICK TO THE FACTS.


My understanding is that "socialism" is related to the field of economics. I don't think it has anything to do with hats.

(except the organization of the factory where the hats are made).

Hope this is helpful,
Thanks, BH

Greedylandowner said...

I want to remind you of your facebook comment on this independence day.

William Huston/Wrote
From this moment onward, I refuse to pledge allegiance to any flag. I don't think I can be compelled to do that, if our nation is truly free. Instead, I pledge to honor and defend the Earth, the River, and this Land which gives me life. I honor and will defend the Constitution of the United States, and the principles in it, especially that ALL PERSONS are born of equal right under God and the Law, and ALL PERSONS have a right to participate in government.

I am sorry if anyone gets bent out of shape over this, but I really couldn't care less about any flag. Don't take it personally, and this does not mean that I am a "bad" person.

I will not rally around any flag. And I certainly won't recite any pledge which I can't understand. Like, what does it means to pledge "allegiance" to a flag? That sounds Orwellian to me. I worry that such pledges are brainwashing people into thinking in Jingoistic terms, that Americans are somehow better than other people.

Taken from his facebook page

Bill Huston said...

Bryant, haven't check it carefully, but it appears like an exact quote.

My friend Eric use to say on the radio: "What's your point, caller?"

King George
in 1776 had oaths of allegiance. It was called Fealty. Look it up.

Fealty (an Oath of Allegiance) is not
the sign of a FREE PEOPLE. It is a sign of some King or Crown or corporate body controlling YOU.

The NAZIs ("National Socialist") was not a true socialist movement. The Nazis were more of a violent fascist tyranny (merger of corporations and the state)... BUT THEY DID have mandatory oaths of allegiance.

Being free, I am not going to pledge any Oath of Allegiance to any inanimate object, not a soap dish, nor a flag, nor a rock.

Being free, I am not going to pledge any Oath of Allegiance to any person.

I am not judging you for doing it. Being free, you are free to pledge anything you want to.

Just don't force me to, and please don't judge me for not. DEAL?

PS: This discussion of Oaths and Hats has NOTHING to do with Socialism, which is more an economic policy.

I would suggest you stop listening to AM Talk Radio (or whatever your source is) because you are getting some really bad information.

May you and all beings
be happy and free from suffering!

BJ said...

I guess it is time to file criminal charges for dropping the shorts. Guess what there was a minor present under 16 and women that were not his spouse. Can we say chapter 31. sexual offenses and illegal contact with minors along with disorderly conduct. That is up to five years and having to register. Not bad for a board member of the Joint Landowners Coalition of NY.

BJ said...

I guess that it is time to file criminal charges and guess what chapters 31 or 59 and 63, 55 apply. Still it does not matter, with chapter 63 since both sections in chapters 31 and 59 meet the conditions for illegal communications with a minor. That is heavily fronded on in the highly religious area know as Susquehanna County.

Greedylandowner said...

Good luck with your claim Vic has 3 witnesses that were inside looking out the window. He bent over lifted his shirt up. Bill has a photo of the repairman crack as they call it.
The childish photo shopped pictures that Bill Huston Created "many Versions. From a picture of one of Vics friends to the exaggerated crack to look like a moon is just wrong.It does not endear you to people. Using altered photos is not persuasion. You are viewed as ignorant and angry.
Please press charges,I would love to see harassment and frivolous charge brought against you. You people are the epitomize hypocrisy.

Bill Huston said...

Bryant, what do you mean "you people"? There are 100,000 people engaged in the anti-fracking movement in NY. We are all individuals and all different. It would be hard to draw any accurate sweeping generalizations other than "want to protect the air,land, and water".

This is an accurate video of what happened. No photoshop, no effects. Just Vic's hiney:

Bill Huston said...

... but I'm pretty sure that this is a photoshop :)

Greedylandowner said...

Thank you for allowing me to post on your site. Our conversation has come full circle.
NY states population is 19,570,261.
100,000. doesn't say much.
My comment "you people" I stand behind. If 100,000. people practiced what they preached and divested themselves from petroleum products you might get respect only to the level of, you walk the talk.
However not one of your 100,000. members have done this?. You are getting attention as any squeaky wheel does.You served your purpose all where focused on a frenzy!Not one of your bills ever made it to the floor? Soon Cuomo will be lifting the moratorium as part of his strategy to bring jobs to NYS. Allowing HVHF will be the last item he will approve as its an easy job creating move.
I am sure within a year you will be used again for some other cause.
How about something useful like fighting HVHF on public land? That is a worthy cause as it is the peoples land and should be put to a referendum. I am sure our paths will cross again.

Bill Huston said...

Hi Bryant--

100,000 is conservative. The NY Friends of Clean Air and Water outnumber the "Frack us Now!" crowd by 10:1. This is a super-majority, and Cuomo understands this.

We are trying to divest. But this requires changing energy POLICY beyond just getting a solar panel.

We have only been aware of the problem for 5 years! The gas problem and infrastructure has taken 50-100 years to put into place. Did you know General Motors and Firestone conspired 70 years ago to DESTROY light-rail in cities all across America? We COULD HAVE a more effecient energy infrastructure, but it is not in the financial interests of the corporations, so they DESTROY IT. Seen this? We are up against great forces and we are trying to change.

You know about the Mark Z. Jacobson plan to power NY with 100% renewables by 2030, right?

I do this work of my own volition. I am not being "used" by anyone.

I agree with you abotu HVHF on public land.... however, HVHF on "private property" has regional public health, public safety, environmental and socio-economic impacts. HENCE using the General Police Powers to create local, and ultimately a state-wide BAN.

Greedylandowner said...

Bill, Looks like the hounds finally caught up with your Fox!

Bill Huston said...

Oh yeah, Greedy-- this is a nice sampling of the mainstream press for ya. Stop the presses! "Gas industry and their agents debunk Fox! Again!!" ... zH92GcP2UP ... -new-film/ ... _poll.html ... /#more-591

Bill Huston said...

The Gasland series is of very high quality in terms of accuracy and vetted facts.

But Josh is a human being. I wouldn't be surprised if he got a fact wrong.

I've gotten MANY facts wrong, I will tell you! It's difficult as a journalist to get it even 99% accurate. Give him a break. He has done an excellent job getting the facts out.

If you're talking about the Hanger quote about Dimock, I don't think it's a big deal, even if it was true.

Laurel Anna said...

I think it's quite simple. We haven't learned from out neighbors in PA and other states. And we are buying in to big business who care as much about us as any snake oil salesmen. My in-laws signed a gas lease and I laugh at my father in law who stands outside in the lawn and yell at the out of state workers who tear up his lawn and dirt road. A girl friend of mine was almost dragged out of her car by a gasser. These people are from out of state and don't care about your property, water, tools in your garage that they have stolen etc.. It is short term mindset over the health and welfare of our children. I'm ashamed to be part of a family who bought into it and now is being screwed financially and environmentally. It's also too bad that greed for money can divide families and townspeople when we really should be working together side by side. My friends in other countries think Americans are idiots because we don't use solar power, wind power which lasts forever unlike "natural" gas or the pipes that the chemicals run through. Drilling is horrible and will ruin our town. Mark my words. Better yet, go to my in-laws once beautiful land.