Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here is something you don't realize about Tar Sands / Keystone XL (KXL)

1. July 2011 12" pipeline 63,000 gallons Yellowstone river 20 y/o Silvertip pipeline
2. July 2012 Kalamazoo river Marshall MI, 1M gal.
3. Aug 2012 red deer river, Sundre Alberta, CA pipeline rupture 125,000 gal.
4. Mar 2013 Parkers Prairie MN, 26,000 gal rail car ruptured.
5. Mar 2013 Mayflower Arkansas, 20" Pegasus Pipeline ruptured 12,000 BBLs/ 500,000 gal.
6. Jun 2013 Zama City, Alberta 62,000 BBLs / 2.6M gal toxic "produced water".
I am happy you know about Keystone XL.

It is a very bad thing and should be halted.
Of this there is no doubt.

What you don't realize about the Keystone XL is that it is only one
of a network of pipelines which are already importing
the extremely dangerous
and toxic CANADIAN TAR SANDS "CRUDE"* into the United States,
which is both wasteful of our existing global energy reserves,
and also extremely destructive of the environment?

For what? to send to China to keep their slave-factors at full output
making products which we don't really need?


Tar Sands Product being imported into the US from Canada
is one of two products:

About 90% is DILBIT (Diluted Bitumen), and about 10% is SYNCRUDE (Synthetic Crude created by "upgrading" some bitumen into lighter hydrocarbons). Both are synthetic products which are created by assembling component parts (Bitumen from Alberta + NGLs from the Marcellus Shale), made to resemble traditional crude oil to varying degrees so that it can be refined.

All of these terms are technically inaccurate: "Tar Sands Oil", "Oil Sands".

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