Sunday, July 7, 2013

Constitution Pipeline, final route // Critical Deadline 7-17!

If you are looking for Super Simple Step by Step instructions
on how to Intervene in the Constitution Pipeline application for
certificate of public convenience, it's here: SuperSimpleStepByStep

EVEN BETTER! Use this version with Clickable Links!

This is final route for the Constitution Pipeline
submitted with the application made to FERC
Docket CP13-499.

Here is a zoomable map (very close... may be imprecise by 1/4 mile):

More detailed maps are likely to follow.
I am only beginning to explore the permit application.
It is a mountain of paperwork.
Super Urgent: 
PLEASE Register with FERC as an intervenor 
on Constitution Pipeline's FERC Application
between NOW and July 17, 2013.
(hurry, act soon!)
Your rights are diminished if you do not register.
 (An intervenor is recognized as a party having impacted rights)

  1. Do you live within 1mi of the pipeline route?
    (Doesn't matter if you own or rent)
  2. Property owners AND your heirs
  3. You must be an intervenor if you think you might EVER want to sue the pipeline company,
    -- from the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, Catskills NY, and NE PA too
    Anyone Downstream in the Susquehanna River Basin.

  5. Most people can (and should) become intervenors,
  6. if you live in NY and have concerns about water and quality of life
    impacts and you want to KEEP FRACKING OUT of NY,
    then you should definitely register!

Everything you need in 22 slides:

Super-Simple Step-by-Step instructions
on how to become an Intervenor:

which will enable fracking in NY.

As you can see from this map of NE PA,
all the wells, dehydrators, compressor stations
follow the pipelines.

Also check
We need this on every listserv in NY right away.
Please help share this message. 

Here is a map showing the towns: (click to view full screen)

Towns directly affected:

  • Susquehanna County PA:
    Bridgewater, Brooklyn, New Milford, Jackson, Oakland, Harmony
  • Broome County NY:
  • Chenango County NY:
    Afton, Bainbridge,
  • Delaware County NY:
    Masonville, Sidney, Franklin, Davenport, Harpersfield
  • Otsego County NY:
    (close to Unadilla, Otego Oneonta, Worcester)
  • Schoharie County NY:
    Jefferson, Summit, Richmondville, Cobleskill, Fulton, Middleburgh, Schoharie, Esperance, Wright 

In summary:

YOUR RIGHTS ARE DIMINISHED if you do not become an intervenor in this process.
Everything you need in 22 slides:

Super-Simple Step-by-Step instructions
on how to become an Intervenor:
You must act by July 17th!! 

Documentation How-to-Intervene:
Link to this:

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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