Friday, July 12, 2013

Spectra Energy and the Edison NJ fire of 1994

I was researching pipeline safety,
and I found this. 

I love this:
Spectra Energy says: "Texas Eastern: Still Looking Good at 65"

Spectra Energy is just building a new pipeline into Manhattan.
This project was fiercely opposed and received a full-spectrum response,
from lobbying, art/theater... to direct action.

Spectra Energy is the corporate progeny of the Texas Eastern, Corp.
The fictitious child says that dear old dad is "looking good!"

Don't we remember that Texas Eastern was responsible for one
of the largest pipeline accidents in recent years?

From Wikipedia:
``1994 The Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion and Fire : Previous damage caused a 36-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline to rupture at Edison, New Jersey on March 23, 1994. Several apartment buildings and a number of automobiles were destroyed in the massive fire. One woman died of a heart attack, and at least 93 others had minor injuries. Delays in shutting off one of the pipeline's valves was cited as contributing to the damage.``

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