Tuesday, September 10, 2013

API Says: "Fracking is Safe!" -- Couple of Questions

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Just a couple of questions...
Dear Friends,

Please watch and share this video-- about this year's biggest fracking story in the region:
The destruction of 1101 Carter Road, in Dimock:


I put a lot of time/effort in to these videos.
If you love this video, will you please share it
on your
email lists and social media?


This short 3.5 min video

counters a big media campaign
by API ("Energy from Shale")
which says "Fracking is Safe".

(API = American Petroleum Institute,
the same industrial business consortium
behind Energy in Depth bullies/spies/liars)

My new video uses recent footage of the demolition of Craig and Julie Sautner's
former home
in Dimock PA.
Why is this important? Well... you have to ask yourself:

Only 1 local station in 7 covered the story,
(TWO DAYS AFTER the demolition began)

Considering the Phelim McAleer is on a
U.S. National and International tour
with his movie Frack Nation, saying

  • Fracking is Safe!  ... and ...
  • Dimock's water is fine!
... I would conclude, this is a NATIONAL NEWS STORY.

Sautner PA DEP Determination Letter (undated, likely, Dec 2008-Mar 2009)
"After reviewing the sample results and other information gathered during our investigation, the Department has determined that your water supply has been affected by drilling activities conducted by Cabot Oil and Gas."

IRONY: The API advert remixed  in the beginning
on a local TV station in Binghamton on the same night the Sautner's
former home in Dimock was torn down.

I called and/or emailed every news outlet in town
multiple times.

Not one reported it the day it happened
I was so angry they didn't report it. I had driven to Dimock to video the demolition.
I've been to that house so many times. .
I channeled my anger creatively and made this video.
I hope it is both entertaining, disturbing, and informative.

Remarkably, I have head several reports from
pro-gas people that they think this video is good,
so it has a broad audience appeal.

Maybe we can think about how to get this on broadcast TV?
Here's the link to share the video:

Please watch, and if you are so moved,
please share it however you can.

I am always open to how to make this videos more useful.
Feedback: WilliamAHuston@gmail.com

Your humble servant,

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Vera said...

More folks are learning that the Gas Industry and it's extractive practices are unsafe and polluting our water and air and degrading our health.....thanks, for this video making these points strongly .