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Frank G. Chernega: Those kids were an answer to my prayers!

Regarding the comments here and elsewhere:

Frank George Chernega is a local pro-gas bully 
who attacks people online who advocate for clean air and water.

He uses various fake names, like "August Braun" and "James Wright"

I believe it is very likely he (like Tom ShepstoneVic Furman, Energy in Depth, Jim Willis,
anonymous d/b/a "Frack Daddy" and others) is a SHILL PAID by industry. These people are like Pinkertons or Mobsters. They are the violent branch of organized crime which stalk people, invade their privacy, defame, slander, libel, harass, coerce, and intimidate people, with the intent to cause harm and induce fear and paralysis, and to silence us.

As you can see, he likes to post this video with the description
"Willy: Here's your "goon squad" at work"

 This was a big disruption at the SRBC in Wilkes Barre PA 12/15/11.

To understand this event, you must understand the context.

From my experience:
The SRBC is one of the most corrupt and unresponsive
bureaucratic bodies I've even encountered.
They are unelected and utterly unresponsive
to the will of the people.

They are making TONS of money from these
gas drilling permits.
This is what seems to motivate them.
A love for MONEY.

They do not seem to care about the thousands
of victims the Oil and Gas Industry have created.

They do not seem to care
their actions could be causing 
I first attend an SRBC hearing in Aug 2011 in Binghamton.

They were holding hearings on new rules for hydrofracking
which would make the permitting process easier for drillers.

Then, the SRBC met Sept 2011 Milford NY, near Cooperstown.
They travelled around throughout the Basin to conduct their meetings.
This was both a hearing on the rules and a business meeting.

Dozens of people spoke in opposition to 50+ new water withdrawal
permits, and asked for cumulative impact analysis. I'm not sure
if they understood there would be a vote, because after the hearing,
they all left.

Just a few people remained.
Kim Felter was there.
She remembers what it was like.

They approved, without discussion, all of these new permits.
I was stunned. In shock. I felt sick to my stomach.
I quietly cried as I put my camera away.

I caught a glimpse of either Ken Lynch the NY acting Commissioner
or maybe Thomas Beauduy, I don't remember which,
giving a "high-5" to Marcia E. Rynearson, the Director of Administration & Finance.

I was so upset and disgusted. I wanted to vomit.
I tried to block it out of my consciousness. 

At that time, in Cooperstown, I cried
for something to change,
for someone to come who could help.

Imagine my surprise when the VERY NEXT MEETING
December 2011 in Wilkes Barre--a whole bunch of people showed up!
From various NGOs like Nadia Steinzor with EarthWorks,
I think Iris Marie Bloom was there from Protecting Our Waters,
activist Clergy like Rabbi Mordechai Liebling,
photo journalists like Scott Cannon (GDAC) and Lynn Johnson 
(Marcellus Shale Documentary Project),
AND a bunch of Occupy kids came... 

And there was a BIG COMMOTION and the meeting was disrupted

and local cops were there and STOOD DOWN
and allowed the disruption to occur!!!!

and there was a procedural error, 
so none of the permits got
permitted for 3 additional months.

It was glorious. It was a MIRACLE.
It was an answer to my prayer!

So when Frank George Chernega posts this video
which shows this disturbance...

You must understand that these people who came,

I don't know who they were or how they knew to come,
I felt like they were an answer to my prayers.

Here is my testimony and video of the disruption,
with images of the Mighty Susquehanna Flooding her Banks:

Om: We Honor the River:

This is the miracle which occurred that day:

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