Thursday, December 8, 2016

NYS DEC approves permits for Dominion New Market

Dominion New Market CWA 401 and CAA certificates silently approved by NYS DEC. This was discovered by Dennis Higgins​​ and has not been reported by any news outlet.  Adding compression to 60 y/o rusty pipes is really stupid.  Prediction (which I really hope does NOT come true): Within 24 months of completion, there will be a massive explosion within 5 miles downstream of one of the sites with added compression: Veteran, Chemung Co; Sheds, Madison Co.; or Minden, Montgomery Co. This is based on my analysis of 8 of the worst pipeline accidents in US history.
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From: Dennis Higgins
Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Subject: [stop-ned] dominion 

I know Cuomo told Trump "hands off New York", but with no fanfare, he just sent Trump a different message: that NY does not care about its citizens' air quality any more than Trump does. DEC awarded needed air permits for Dominion New Market expansion. The 33,000hp of additional compression will will generate 200,000 tons of pollution a year. The 112,000 dt/d additional gas in the line, when burned will generate millions of tons of CO2E. Using PSC's own CO2 costing, and Dr Howarth's leakage estimates, the fugitive methane from Dominion will cost everyone from wellhead to gas-fired plant, half a billion dollars annually in climate impacts. This was a pipeline DEC could have said 'no' to. DTI used non representative wind data from Rome and Albany to justify particulate dispersal at Brookman Corners, a location surrounded by Amish farms and subject to frequent inversions. DTI used flawed acoustic data, challenged by an independent report. DTI failed to count 4 dozen homes in the vicinity of the Veteran compressor station and omitted mention of microturbines for onsite electric generation at Brookman Corners. Bottom line - an incomplete, flawed, if not criminal application.  Please go post something on DEC's FB page, and Cuomo's too, send them a note, phone them, to let them know how disappointed you are with this gift to Dominion and Donald Trump's kind of America.

Veterans and Sheds
This looks like the permit for Brookman Corners 

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