Saturday, October 7, 2017

XNG #BombTrucks Otsego Co. Forum PRESS, Slides, Video, more

Hi All,

Otsego County Public Informational Session

I have created a Google Drive folder for information regarding Thursday's Otsego County forum on XNG #BombTrucks.
There are two ways to access it:
I have also created a folder in the Virtual Pipelines / #BombTrucks Documents Archive
hosted by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability. Here's how to see it:

1: Go to
2: Navigate to
    Virtual Pipelines -> Operators -> XNG -> Otsego County Forum Oct 5 2017

I'm always adding stuff there, so may want to peruse and see what's there.

Video of Otsego County Event:
The video will be online soon, may take a few days.

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Facebook page: Stop the #BombTrucks!
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Facebook group: Stop the #BombTrucks
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Easiest way to join:
Just send an email o this special address:

William Huston:
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