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VIDEO: XNG "Virtual Pipeline" exec defends 3 rollover crashes in 9 months

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VIDEO: XNG "Virtual Pipeline" exec defends 3 rollover crashes in 9 months

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Xpress Natural Gas "XNG" is in damage-control mode after 3 trucks were involved in rollover crashes in the first 9 months of operation.


My commentary is below.
Language warning.


Holy cow people. I am really stunned and speechless. I am SHOCKED by how many times Matt Smith of XNG Xpress Natural Gas lied tonight.
  • "The trucks cannot explode". BULLSHIT.

    We know the Potential Impact Radius from explosion is at least 1,200 ft, from the Indianapolis CNG trash truck explosion.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpmWPEhIaiU
    2. fox11online.com/archive/truck-explosion-in-howard
  • "One driver was injured". BULLSHIT.

    All 3 drivers involved in rollover crashes we're hospitalized, two had life-threatening injuries.

  • "The trucks are not overweight." BULLSHIT.

    We have proof, a leaked weight ticket showing an XNG combo weighing nearly 81,000 lbs.

  • "We deliver 40 trips per day." BULLSHIT!
    We have counted 4-5 trucks PER HOUR. This means 96-120 trucks/day.

    This is confirmed by a slide presented by Iroquois Pipeline Company, showing they are receiving 50,000 dth/d by truck, and the capacity of the trucks are 350 dth/load*. This requires 50000/350= 143 trucks per day. 

    (The capacity of a Hexagon Titan is really 364 dth/load, and the Quantum VP Lite is ~473 dth/load. Each trailer type seems to make up about 1/2 the fleet. The average between the two types is ~418 dth/load. This still requires 50000/418= 120 trucks per day, or 5 per hour. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE PERSONALLY OBSERVED.

  • "We care about human lives". BULLSHIT.

    If you cared about anything other than profits, your trucks would stay on the Interstate highways.

  • "Our drivers are experienced, well trained, the best". BULLSHIT.

    XNG has extraordinary turnover. We know from former drivers there is no 3-day driver qualification, or specialised training about the particular combo (Tractor+Trailer) they'd be driving. Many drivers have no prior HAZMAT. The drivers often aren't given equipment manuals or safety manuals, no instruction on what to do in a crash, etc.

  • "There were just three motor vehicle incidents". BULLSHIT.
    (At least 4 that we know of. The one Matt wants to conveniently forget was 5/27/2017, where a trailer spontaneously vented and blew its entire load. First Responders closed 3/4 lanes of traffic on I81 and BOTH lanes of the Front Street exit.)

  • "There was never any release of gas". BULLSHIT.

    (There was a release of gas in every case! I will have a video coming out about this soon-- with PROOF!)
  • "Methane is good for air quality, good for ozone." BULLSHIT!

    (According to the IPCC: Methane is at least 86 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 in the short term, and >100 times more powerful during the time the gasses persist in the atmosphere. SOURCE: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 2013)
  • "The new (gas-fired) compressor at Manheim is for redundancy." BULLSHIT.

    It has a completely different function! It was part of the major Flow Reversal Project built in Jan 2017, which XNG installed in near SECRECY. No mention to the PSC, the DEC, or FERC.
  • "We have all needed permits." BULLSHIT.

    (No FERC certificate for any NY or PA facility, no permit for ANY compressor: 5 or 6? in NY and 2 in PA, XNG LIED to the NYS PSC and LIED to the local planning board when asking for a building permit)... That's just for starters.
I have been working to expose the toxic contamination incidents of the oil and gas industry for almost a decade. And how they use Public Relations professionals and Crisis Communication experts to spread disinformation.

During that time, I've seen some notorious, shady operators. Incompetent, and/or Malicious, Liars and Thieves: Inflection Energy. Williams Partners, Cabot Oil and Gas, WPX, Crestwood, Spectra Energy. Chesapeake Energy....

But these Rogues at XNG are exceptional, standing out with distinction in an industry of bandits.

Ya know, I'm not a big fan of prisons. But if there are to be them, then they should be for violent, pathological lying psychopaths, without a moral conscience, who endanger many lives in their search for profit.

Matt Smith and Seth Berry, co founders of XNG Natural Gas are *DAMN LIARS*.

IMO-- They should be in restraints to protect public safety. Their business practices are inherently unsafe and PLAIN STUPID. These operations should be seized and shut down by law enforcement.


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