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#BombTrucks: MASSIVE Document Dump / XNG + Quantum Bankruptcy + other news


I am sending you this because I think you may have some interest in following the #BombTrucks issue, either XNG's Virtual Pipeline or the proposed NG Advantage terminal in Fenton.

Today's release to the #BombTrucks Documents Archive (generously hosted by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability) includes over 500 files, some have several "documents" inside, over 7,000 pages!

Highlights of new documents:
    1. FERC FOIL: XNG never submitted for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, nor did they pay $25k for a Petition for Declaratory Order to ask the jurisdictional question. They just built built it!! And FERC is giving them a free pass. I don't understand it.

      Law geeks: Be sure to check out the 3x Prior Decisions Relating to FERC jurisdiction of CNG/LNG by truck, especially the Gulf Oil LNG decision, which clearly states that injecting gas on to a FERC regulated transmission line (like the Iroquois) WOULD BE JURISDICTIONAL!

    2. I have just discovered a lawsuit filed by the Susq Co Planning Commission 2017-06-22, a petition for a Restraining Order, which has never been reported in the press. I and others were following this case closely, and NO ONE knew of this lawsuit. 70 Pages

    3. This one is great! 2017-07-19 Mechanics Lien for ~$1.5M. Apparently, the entire Forest Lake facility, and the new compressor at Manheim and plumbing changes are considered by XNG to be a single project, the "Manheim Injection Project". Although most of the work was performed Jan 2017-June 2017, XNG Never paid! Finally, XNG negotiated a secret settlement in October. 48 pages

    4. 2017-05-24 BH Town of Manheim FOIL.
      • This is a massive new release, 19 documents, 392 pages. This FOIL alone cost me over $100 to obtain, not including 2 days of effort in scanning, OCR, organizing, uploading.
      • This is basically all documents the Town of Manheim has on XNG.

    5. Police Report for the 2017-07-12 tip-over crash, Forest Lake, Susq Co PA

    6. 2017-12-02 Huston Right to Know w/Susq Co Emerg Mgnt: All records relating to Emerg. Management response to either XNG facility in Forest Lake, or MVAs. Not much new here, except to find many odor complaints

    7. And the Grand Finale: The largest capacity Type-4 CNG trailer now under 80,000 LB GVW is the Quantum VP-Lite. But Quantum was declared BANKRUPT in March 2017. This was prior to US DOT approving their trailers for over the road use. This didn't come until Sept 2016.

      • YES, IT'S TRUE! The new name of the holding company which owns Quantum Fuel Systems is actually called, "QF Liquidation Inc." Imagine calling for warranty service, and the person who answers the phone says, "QF Liquidations, may I help you?" Doesn't give the customers of their new $700k exotic specialty CNG trailer.

    8. No documents in the archive yet, but another vendor of #BombTrucks is
      defunct, Lightsail Energy:

Here is how to navigate the archive and find the documents:

Access the top level here:
(please always begin here)

Note, due to a Dropbox feature, and a back-end reorganization,
existing direct links to documents or folder hierarchy is probably broken.
  • Enter Archive ->
    • FERC
      • 3x Decisions Relating to FERC jurisdiction of CNG/LNG by truck
      • 2017-08-30 BH FOIL re XNG "No Records"
    • Industry Experts
      • Documents from Chris Christopoulos' presentations
    • Operators
      • NG Advantage
        • Various Fenton legal doc sets
      • Pentagon Energy
        • No action, likely dead
      • XNG
        • FERC
          • (copy) 2017-08-30 BH FOIL re XNG "No Records" 3 pages
        • Forest Lake, PA
          • work in progress
        • General
          • something is coming here soon!
        • Manheim
          • Various FOILs (BH and Keith Schue)
          • O2K letter to AG
          • Avella letter
          • 2014 stuff Protect Manheim
          • 6-30-17 DEC Notice of violation
          • Misc Legal
            • HOT! 2017-06-22 Susq Co Planning Commission LAWSUIT Restraining Order 70 Pages

            • HOT! 2017-07-19 Mechanics Lein: "Manheim Injection Project", Never paid until October
              48 pages

          • 2017-05-24 BH Town of Manheim FOIL
            • This is a massive new release, 19 documents, 392 pages
        • Otsego County Forum slides
          • Schue Slides
          • Huston/Stevens slides
          • Event press
        • safety incidents
          • 2017 Mercaptan Odor Complaints
          • 2017-2-21 rollover Forest Lake, Susq Co PA
          • 2017-5-27 rollover Forest Lake, Susq Co PA
          • 2017-07-12 tip-over steering loss, Forest Lake, Susq Co PA
          • 2017-9-12 rollover Hartwick, Otsego Co NY
          • 2017-12-02 Huston RTK Susq Co Emerg Mgnt
    • Type 4 CNG Manufacturers
      • Hexagon Lincoln
        • various manuals
      • Lightsail
        • Brochures
        • DOT SP
      • Quantum
        • Documentation
          • Manuals, Brochures
          • WOW! 480+ documents relating to Quantum Bankruptcy 6783 total pages.
    • US DOT - PHMSA
      • DOT Special Permits
      • PHMSA - Work in progress

You may also be interested in this....

What the hell happened in Dimock?

The BH/DCS Dimock Archive:

I have been working mostly with Craig Stevens in learning
the history of Dimock, and telling the story in official documents.

I have been working for months collecting documents from many sources.

We used this information to help Ray Kemble with some emergency legal
services. He's being sued by Cabot Oil and Gas for $5M.

Great Video by HopeForPeace:


There are already around 1,000 documents online, and I also have a dataset
of over 32,000 documents which I am trying to get uploaded.

MANY THANKS to Barbara Arrindell and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability
for help with hosting.

I will be publishing in index into the document archive shortly.

RAY'S CASE is critically important for several reasons:
  1. Gag orders used for silencing victims of water contamination, in what may be a Public Health and Safety crisis of PANDEMIC proportion
  2. Cabot has never been held accountable under the law for the 2009 contamination
  3. And the big one: In 2012 Cabot fracked 6 wells, and caused NEW CONTAMINATION in at least 3 homes (maybe more). 
Press from Ray's case was published all over the US, Canada, total of 6 countries.

Full Press (unique articles + AP)

Closing Words:

I do public service work:
mapping, videography, research, and "Next Friend" emergency legal services.

I work 100% as a volunteer, and never charge money to the people or groups I am helping.

I am working on several key projects.
I have been doing this work nearly full time since 2010.

I cannot do this work without donations by people who appreciate my work.

I need about $5,000 to help me cover my prior expenses, and sustain this work for the
next 2 months. If you are able to help, you please donate here:
Please consider a monthly donation.

Thank you! & Happy Holidays :)

William Huston:
Binghamton NY

Public Service Mapping / Videography / Research

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