NY PA Watersheds Map

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From NY/PA: Five Ways to the Atlantic

NY PA and Great Lakes / St. Lawrence River Watershed

NY PA and the Ohio River (Mississippi) Watershed

Hudson River Watershed + NYC

NY PA + Chesapeake Bay
(Potomac, Susquehanna Rivers)
and Delaware River/Delaware Bay Watersheds

Detail, 5 Major NY PA Watersheds
1: Ohio River, 2: Susquehanna River + Potomoc River = Chesapeake Bay,
3: Delaware River, Delaware Bay, 4: Hudson River -> Bay of NY (Upper/Lower)

Unnamed are: 1 NE NY, Lake Champlain drains north to the St. Lawrence (turquoise)
2: Western NY: Niagara River (pink). 3: South-Central PA: Potomac River
4: NW PA Lake Erie (grey) 5: NW NY Lake Ontario (yellow)

Note: The above diagram shows three additional features:

NY Watersheds, highlight on Finger Lakes, and NY Canal System
(Erie, Oswego, Chenango, Champlain, Genesee Valley, Black River, Croked Lake)

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