Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Black Swan at Merrimack Valley: Analysis of NTSB Preliminary Report, & Introducing the "Pressure Booster Theory"

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"I continue to find your theory plausible.... I agree with your recommendations." -- Dr. Nathan Phillips, Boston University, Dec 5, 2018, Twitter

Today, I am releasing my report on the Merrimack Valley Incident.

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(Updated 12/11/2018. If you downloaded a copy prior to this date, please pull this version. Final version has 49 pages. A prior version had certain attachments missing)

In this report I will provide an analysis of the NTSB Preliminary Report, and provide my own alternative theory, the "Tube-Trailer Pressure-Booster Theory".

This report represents a 3 month investigation into this "High Consequence Event". 

If you can, please send this to the attention of
  • Senators Markey & Warren
  • NTSB
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Healey
  • Local Elected Officials in Lawrence, Andover, N. Andover
... and ask that these concerns be fully investigated.  
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