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The Black Swan at Merrimack Valley: Analysis of NTSB Preliminary Report, & Introducing the "Pressure Booster Theory"

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"I continue to find your theory plausible.... I agree with your recommendations." -- Dr. Nathan Phillips, Boston University, Dec 5, 2018, Twitter

Today, I am releasing my report on the Merrimack Valley Incident.

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(Updated 12/11/2018. If you downloaded a copy prior to this date, please pull this version. Final version has 49 pages. A prior version had certain attachments missing)

Video Playlist:
  • BlackSwan@MV-01Intro
    • What was the Merrimack Valley event?
    • Analysis of NTSB theory
    • Map anomalies 
    • NTSB theory cannot explain observed event

  • BlackSwan@MV-02 What is a Black Swan Event?
    • Bob Ackley, Nassim Taleb
    • Intro to Risk
    • Dr. Tony Ingraffea / Environmental Impact Statement
    • Likelihood vs. Consequence
    • Precautionary Principle
    • "Valve Turners" violate PP and Nonviolence
    • Mayflower Arkansas
    • Gandhi: Ethics of Action
    • Decision matrix for high-consequence outcomes
  • BlackSwan@MV-03 Huston Resume + Credentials Rant
    • Bill Huston's engineering & tech experience
    • Credentials rant
    • PhD's as professional class of science: Pre-Enlightenment Idea
    • How Class pollutes Science, Journalism, and Democracy 
    • Science Requires eyes+brain, not credentials
    • YOU are the final arbiter of Truth!
  • BlackSwan@MV-04 LDS basics, Root Cause, Tube Trailer Intro
    • Natural gas Local Distribution Systems (LDS) basics
    • Root Cause Analysis / Forensics
    • NTSB Theory / Occam's Razor
    • Extraordinary Event -> Extraordinary Cause
    • CNG "Virtual Pipeline" Tube-Trailer Intro
  • BlackSwan@MV-05 Pressure Booster Theory *
    • XNG & NG Advantage are connecting high-pressure Tube-Trailers to Natural Gas Local Distrubution Systems!
    • Business plan developed in 2013
    • No study of the risk!
    • Innovation Circumvents Regulation!
    • Regulators are specifically empowered statutes.
    • Tube Trailers are new and thus, UNREGULATED
    • Pressure Boosters: How it works
    • Joule-Thompson Effect (adiabatic cooling)
    • Why heaters are important, esp. w/3600 psi
    • What if we inject cryogenic cold gas *at proper pressure* into an LDS? 
    • * If you only watch one video, WATCH THIS!

  • BlackSwan@MV-06 XNG or NG Advantage?
    • NG Advantage Twitter Meltdown
    • The case for XNG
    • XNG HQ in Andover: Scene of the Crime  
    • XNG's history of Contempt for the Law, Truth, Public Safety
    • The outrageous lie: "The trailers cannot explode"
    • XNG and NG Advantage both have lied to elected officials, the media, and to the people.
    • Why the coverup? XNG lacks operating authority in Massachussets (NG Advantage also, but not mentioned)
    • Fantasy Sequence!
    • Simple Questions to Ask (under oath)
    • National Grid's Emergency Response Plan since 2014 REQUIRES using CNG Tube-trailers in an emergency! (No study of risk)
    • XNG's shoddy history of regulatory compliance
    • HOW pressure-regulated cryogenically cold gas could have caused the event observed
    • XNG's prior technical errors: Misconfigured Overweight tractor-trailer combos keep rolling over. 

  •   BlackSwan@MV-07 Wrapup
    • The UNIMAGINABLE explosive potential of Bulk-haul CNG tube trailers
    • Visualizing a worst-case disaster in downtown Ithaca. 1250 dead + 1670 injured.
    • XNG's CTO starts stammering when I ask him about this theory
    • How our Federal Government (USDOT, DOE, FERC) are pushing #BombTrucks and covering up the risks & harms
    • The Pickens Plan, & Boone's connection to #BombTrucks
    • NO Toaster Agendas! (Government run amock)
    • Analogy: Google + Facebook like Hal9000 
    • THE END!

In this report I will provide an analysis of the NTSB Preliminary Report, and provide my own alternative theory, the "Tube-Trailer Pressure-Booster Theory".

This report represents a 3 month investigation into this "High Consequence Event". 

If you can, please send this to the attention of
  • Senators Markey & Warren
  • NTSB
  • Massachusetts Attorney General Healey
  • Local Elected Officials in Lawrence, Andover, N. Andover
... and ask that these concerns be fully investigated.  
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