Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ray Kemble Update / $6000 urgently needed

Friends, I'm about to lose all connectivity to the world. If somone could PayPal me $60 urgently, I can keep my cell service on.

I also need $400 urgently for propane (yes the plan is to take this place to renewables, but we're stuck with propane for now). Also $500 for outstanding internet/landline (currently off). I have other urgent financial needs, such as $1500 for car repairs.

My total URGENT need is for nearly $6000
Donations gratefully accepted in any amount!
If you must send a check or money order, then make it out to William Huston, and address the envelope to: 

Ray Kemble
11081 SR 3023 
Montrose, PA 18801

I will probably be here mostly for the next few weeks. 


First, check the new Ring of Fire show about Ray:

Cabot's Disparagement SLAPP case against Ray is still ongoing. Cabot has been trying to dispose Ray and 3 of his friends for 6 months, unsuccessfully. The friends are: Craig Stevens, Julanne Skinner, and me. Cabot wants Depositions and also personal documents like bank records. 

Ray's house has been under near constant surveillance since early December. I have been followed at least twice by Cabot's goons. We've called the PA State Police dozens of time, and they do nothing. They claim it's legal. I have cited 3 criminal statutes, but still nothing.

It's really insane how corrupt the PA government is. There is nothing here uncorrupted by Gas Money. You'd honestly never believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes. 

There is a major hearing on Ray's case on Monday, Feb 4th at 8:45 AM. I know it's a bad time of year to travel, but would be great to see some friends.

Craig, Bill, and Julanne all will argue their Motions to Quash. Cabot has a motion for Contempt against Ray and want him arrested. 

BTW, Ray just had major abdominal surgery. He's been quite sick for a year. He is trying to recover and heal, and he's being STALKED and HARRASED by Cabot's Goons. But THEY are the ones who contaminated HIS water!

No one should have to live like this!!!

Oh, and Ray's attorney Rich Raiders has botched this case badly. Do you watch the Ring of Fire segment, where they talked about the "opportunity of Discovery" upon Cabot Oil and Gas? Well Rich Raiders hasn't made ONE SINGLE discovery request upon Cabot!  he has also divulged confidential, privileged info to Cabot's atty multiple times, even placed a confedential email from Ray ON TO THE RECORD!  and now WANTS OUT. 

Ray sent me photos "of [his] bloody ass" and asked me to send them to anyone who doubts his medical condition. 

That's the update. 
Over and out for now.

Grateful to whomever can PayPal me $60 to keep my phone on. My total urgent needs are nearly $6000.  That's just to catch up, break even.

This does NOT include program costs like FOIA fees, PACER expenses, or vital subscriptions, mailing fees, etc., gas money or even food beyond the food bank. If I could raise $8000, I'd be fully funded until March. 
I need a big miracle, but grateful for tiny ones.

Thank you. 

I have 4 new videos to upload, if I can get the internet back on. That needs $500

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