Monday, December 4, 2006


Welcome to Bill Huston's Binghamton Media Watch Blog. This is where I will make occasional posts concerning local media, and sometimes rant on about random topics.

I am an independent producer of TV and radio shows, and I'm a media watcher and activist for democratic media. Here is my full resume/CV:

If you are interested in media production, here are some ideas:

  1. Join the Binghamton Independent Media Center. They have an open-publishing website, a newspaper, and equipment for video production.
  2. Produce a show on Community Radio, WHRW 90.5 FM. The best time to get involved is at the beginning of the fall (Sept) or winter (Jan) semester. Watch the website for the General Interest Meeting (GIM): You can apprentice for a music show, and after one semester, you can take a test and become a cleared engineer. If your interest is a talk show, you can get on right away with a Public Affiars show (fall/winter only).
If you are interested in media reform, please join NY/PA Media Action. We meet the second Monday of every month, upstairs @ Cyber Cafe West, 176 Main St. Binghamton, 7pm. Join the listserv here.

If you have questions: please call me, 10am-10pm only please. 607-724-1755.

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