Tuesday, August 5, 2008

China / Falun Gong: Crackdown on Empowerment Technologies

I'm just completing a project
were we looked at fascist powers over 500 years.

Sometimes it was the state,
sometimes it was the church,
today, often it's corporations

We focused on the censorship of art
and free expression
how these fascist powers
over the last 500 years
have tried to dictate
what people could say and write
and what art/communication/information
they could see, hear and read,
how people could worship
what they could believe
what they could paint
what questions they could ask
of people in power

I'm not talking about criminal activity!

(Crime being defined as:
victims with injury deliberately caused
by others with intent to cause harm,
though overt violence, threats, torture
and other forms of coercion.)

I'm talking about people suffering
coercion, torture and death
over what they said, wrote, painted, believed.

And while I believe the police power today
is mostly abused
meaning, the police power is most often used
in pursuit of "victimless crimes"
i.e., not really crimes at all:

mostly traffic "crimes"
paperwork infractions, speeding, etc.
where there is no victim who has suffered injury

and drug "crimes"
possession of something with intent to do something really awful
engaging in prohibited commerce etc.

again: no victim, no injury
this is what Jefferson would call a "pretended offense".

Now I believe there is a legitimate function of police power
but that it is always in self-defense.
To protect and serve.
To restrain people
who are legitimately accused
of causing injury in fact to a real sentient living person
and not a hypothetical injury
like "injury to the state" or "injury to a corporate person".

This brings me to China and Falun Gong.
If you are keeping up with the Olympics
you may have read that Fascist China
is cracking down on speech, the internet,
esp. political dissent.

They are even torturing and murdering
practitioners of something called Falun Gong
also known as Falun Dafa.

What is it?
It's not a religion. There is no deity.

It is a form of exercise,
similar to other martial arts, like Tai Chi,
it is a form of meditation,
and it is a moral system.

The Chinese government calls it a "radical cult".
All of this fascinates me.
It makes me want to study Falun Gong.

What could be so harmful, so dangerous about it
that they will do these kinds of things to people?

What radical ideas does this DANGEROUS CULT promote?

Peace Kindness Non-violence Truth Patience Renouncements

And for this, people are horribly tortured.
Many of these torture victims are woman,
and they torture them in unspeakable ways.

How can we keep the factories at full output
when people are renouncing things?"

It's hard to imagine this is real.

My other recent studies lately
have included other things
which all could be catagorized as
esoteric empowerment technologies.

Yoga, Buddhism, NVC, Toltec, Law of Attraction, "The Secret",
herbalism, Moses Code, ACIM, shamanism, holism, veganism,
Reiki, Ergone, Tantra, Kaballah, liberation theology,
various healing and self-healing arts and modalities,
socialized media, etc. etc.

And I believe these things are "esoteric"
not because they are deliberately kept secret.

In fact, if you find legitimate practitioners of these arts
often they give you the secrets freely.

So they're not really secrets!

But they are secret because
they are deliberately suppressed
by the people with power

Not because these things are dangerous to the practitioner.
Not because these things are dangerous to the greater society at large.

But because these technologies empower us,
they make us aware
give us healthy flexible fit bodies
they connect us to each other, to ourselves,
they connect us to nature and to the Divine spirit

These practices will help get what you want out of life
will help make you happy
and to live life fully
and be free.

These things aren't esoteric
because they are hard to understand.

It may require study and practice,
but you can learn these things.

Practicing and studying any of these systems
(and there are many)
will heal our bodies
gives us strength and flexibility
and improve our relationships with others.

The basis of each of these systems
is a simple metaphysical truth:

"I cannot change the world around me by force."

Activists: take note of this :)

"I can only change myself"
"Be the change you want to see in the world."

So if you're a sign-carrying activist
and you aren't doing your inner work,
expect suffering and failure.

And the metaphysical truth is
when we do this inner-work
we actually do transform the outside world.
It is in fact the only way to transform the world.

I believe Falun Gong is another one of these
esoteric systems, an empowerment technology.

One last thing,
we vote with our dollars.

We SHOULD NOT be supporting
a fascist dictatorship like China!

We SHOULD NOT be buying these cheap Chinese goods
because there is a cost: TORTURE -- LOOK AT THE PICTURES.

You should REALLY think about boycotting Chinese products.
This is the ONLY way to get these practices to stop.

I know this is hard.
Most everything comes from there.

But just think about taking a little more time to shop
and look for locally-made alternatives to Chinese products.

And before you buy that Coke from Burger King
with the commemorative Olympic mug
Think about the torture.

Don't support the Olympics or their advertisers.
Don't support China or their cheap goods.

Today, I pledge to buy locally-made, or pre-owned,
or do without.

I recently was with someone traveling from Europe.
She asked what kind of coffee was good.
I pointed to Fair Trade -- it tastes better and the farmers are paid.

It was $8 for a bag vs. $4 for non-fair trade.

She said: "I can't afford fair trade coffee"

It's like saying:
"I support slavery because I get twice as much stuff!"

I hear lots of people say:
"I shop at Walmart because they have the best prices"

It's like casting your vote for facism.

"I support a system of slavery, class, prostitution, and torture
because it gives me the stuff I want at a price I can afford"

Think about where you spend your money
and how you earn it.

The company you work for,
or own stock in:
What line of business are they in?
Are they involved in slavery, torture, or exploitation?

Final word:

If we all make small changes,
the world will change in large ways.

May all sentient creatures be happy.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email: WilliamAHuston at gmail

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