Tuesday, August 5, 2008

reply to a friend's post about the Dalai Lama eating meat

> Loose lips sink ships. Judge not for ye shall be judged.
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Hi ---------------,

First, since this is about the Dalai Lama eating meat,
let's mention Buddhism
(like Christianity and most major relgions)
teaches not to hold others in judgment

Who are you claiming is judging whom?
Do you feel some vegetarian has judged you?

Please don't be so indirect.
If you think you were harmed or judged
by a vegetarian, please tell us about it.
What were the circumstances?

Perhaps you are judging yourself?
Feeling guilty about something?

NVC also teaches all judgements are bad
including/especially when we judge ourselves,
guilt and shame: they both gotta go.

They serve no purpose
and they cause us to act out against others
and carrying around guilt and shame
can make us physically ill.

So if that's what's going on here,
please don't curse yourself for making a bad decision yesterday,
just vow to make a better decision tomorrow.

Also, I have found that ridiculing others
(the Dalai Lama!?, c'mon man! :)
to perhaps distract from a discussion of our own sin
is never effective, trust me.
I've learned this the hard way.
Point one finger, and three more point at you!

Now then, so what if the Dalai Lama really does eat meat,
(or if Hitler was a vegetarian, etc. etc.)

What are you saying, "Dalai Lama is a hypocrite!"

Yeah, so what?
I've also heard you say

Thomas Jefferson had slaves.
and Hitler was a vegetarian.

It seems you are saying
"Hypocrisy exists".

How does this inform me
as to how I should live?

My pledge to live my life with as much
compassion and love as I can
remains unchanged.

I presume I'm one of the vegetarians you are talking to/about
so I'd really like to understand your point more fully...

Do you feel I've judged you are acted with hypocrisy?


Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

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