Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get involved in commity radio!

Hey folks,

If you sitting home sending emails out to your
progressive listservs
, feeling good that you are
"getting the word out"...

Guess What?

You are preaching to the choir!
i.e., you are wasting your time!

If you really want to get the word out
there is really only one game in town,
and that's to get involved in BROADCASTING!

In this area, there are only two options,

1) Public Access TV (OK, it's really called "Cablecasting")
Time Warner public access ch4 reaches 70,000 homes!

2) Community Radio.

Since I've talked plenty about public access TV,
I want to talk now about Community Radio.
Binghamton has it!

It's called WHRW-FM 90.5.
Online at whrwfm.org.

And at 15,000 watts, it's not low power by any means.
Additionally, you can record your show and podcast it to the internet
for an even wider audience.

WHRW is located at Binghamton University,
but it is not just for students!

Community members have a right to use
the equipment there because a) the airwaves belong to the people,
and b) SUNY is a state university ... and YOU and WE are the state!

You just missed the General Interest Meeting, but it's not too late
to get involved.

Two Ways to Get Involved at WHRW-FM

1: Become a "cleared DJ", and then get your own show.
You can have a music show or a talk show (aka "public affairs show").

This requires some time, as you have to become an apprentice,
and study under a cleared DJ for 1 semister, then take the exam.

2: Get a public affairs (talk) show right away!
Go to the station and fill out a "public affairs show form".
If this is like most years, there are still slots available,
but you need to ACT NOW!

The station is located on BU campus in the basement of the New Union
under the food court. Park in the parking garage, exit up.

FYI: Binghamton radio just lost one of it's most
radical and progressive voices: ME!

They said I failed the test, but this is ridiculous.

(Now I admit to doing radical shows... perhaps too radical.
Vegetarianism, the environment, war and peace...
My latest was about yoga :)

And if you have followed my media work here in Binghamton,
you'll know that getting slandered, banned, censored, or
worse is nothing new to me...

So I'm not going to fight this, as my experience informs me
fighting almost never does anything good.

But I do feel a great sense of loss for one reason...

I create media because I want people to have access
to the kind of material I find interesting.
No one else seems to be doing it, so I do it!

So the local media scene will be really altered now
because there ain't much progressive/spiritual out there!
(I've looked...)

So the point of this is
When one radical / progressive community voice is lost
there should be 10 more in line to take his/her place!

So--- there it is.
What are you waiting for?

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email: WilliamAHuston at gmail

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