Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To Tarik Abdelazim from BH

Hey Tarik,

Do you have a habit of using city vehicles
for personal business on your own time?

I'd be all for it if politicians were poor people
who used city vehicles to attend social-welfare meetings.
It seems you are a man of ample means.
Don't you have a car or bike or cab fare?

Also, can you explain to the local peace and justice community
your involvement in the involuntary displacement of
nearly 1200 families out of Binghamton City Housing

-- poor and sick people
-- 1/3 of the residents per year
-- 4 families per week
-- at least some of these evictions were illegal e.g. Ebboni Gaspard
-- people largely w/o adequate legal representation
-- and w/o knowledge of their rights

and how that relates to the termination of
Andre Massena as VISTA supervisor?


Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

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