Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OK, Let's focus on the BU Ombudsman

Attention all News Directors: 
attention Jim Ehmke and Peter Quinn,
will you look into this matter please?

What's up with the BU Ombudsman?

by Bill Huston

The BU Ombudsman is
as are all faculty, staff, and administrators of Binghamton University,
(a/k/a SUNY Binghamton,
SUNY = State University of New York)
a public officer.

Binghamton University is operated by the State of New York
for the benefit of the public.
That means all of us.

That means she has duties and responsibilities to the public.

According to the Binghamton.edu web site,
the duties of the Ombudsman are in the role of counselor,
to aid people in conflict,
to assist people in complaints of unfair treatment,
to help people having problems with the University,
to perform informal investigations,
and by helping get these problems resolved.

Conflict resolution usually involves
mediation or arbitration,
however these apparently
are not within the scope of the duties
of the job description.

However, referrals for such ARE.

According to public information,
our present Ombudsman is a Juris Doctor.
This is a degree which attorneys, judges,
and legislators frequently obtain.

This means our Ombudsman
has exceptional understanding
of our system of law.

I happen to know Francine on a personal level.
I find her to be most intelligent and charming.
I observe that she seems to have the highest ethics.
She has done service work for causes I care about.

She is trained in Non-Violent Communications.
I know because we were classmates .
There was a role-play which occurred during this training.
Francine played a part and was just brilliant!

This was not a public event
and it may involve personal info
so I will say no more details...
I will respect my friend with certain discretion.

Let's just say that on a personal level,
I hold Francine Montemurro in the highest regard,
and let me tell you,
I don't say that about too many people.

So how can we explain her actions
and inactions
with regards to her duties as Ombudsman?

In two incidents over many years,
I have asked the Ombudsman for help
where I have felt unfairly treated by the University.

In BOTH incidents,
  1. in the case of THREE cancelled listserves
  2. in re my clearance revocation at WHRW
the Ombudsman has:

  1. Failed to give me a written disposition,
    as required by law
  2. Failed to perform a thorough investigation
  3. Failed to respond to my telephone and email requests for calendar time
  4. Failed to provide me referrals for arbitration / mediation
  5. Failed to substantiate the validity or legality of the state's action against me

What explains the disconnect between
here outstanding character
and her apparent abject neglect of her duties?

Is she overworked?

Her assistant appears to be mostly idle
and is also NVC certified.
In such a case, can he be put to service
to help ease the workload?

Or is it something else?
Perhaps ... fear?

Binghamton University -- to my eyes
is beginning to look like a fascist dictatorship.

And in fascist regimes,
there is often a disconnect
between personal values
and official actions which work against the people.

If left unchecked,
this can lead to the commission of atrocities.

Yes, I said a fascist dictatorship.
instead of a State University in a democratic republic
where the people are sovereign and free,
where the government derives it's just powers
from the consent of the people.
where the government operates in the public interest.
where the people have a right to redress of grievance
where public officers have duties to serve.

I know about FOUR scandals at the University
which have occured lately.
It would be nice for the local
to assist with an investigation.

Here are the two to focus on now:

1: The Andre Massena affair.

    This story is BIG BIG BIG and involves many players
    in government, industry, and at the University.

    It's about gentrification of Downtown Binghamton.

    A trainload of poor people,
    sick people, and people of color
    nearly 1200 families over 6 years,
    have been displaced from public housing.

    I wonder where they've gone?

    and in many incidences,
    the people were not properly represented,
    they didn't know their rights,
    and/or the eviction was improper/illegal.

    Has the Steve Craig interview aired yet?
    When you see who the players are here
    it becomes easy to understand
    why people have fear of covering this story

    Who has a professional degree in Journalism
    a commitment to public service,
    and some guts?

2: Bill Huston's clearance revocation at WHRW.

I'm asking for assistance from the local media please.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY
607-321-7846 c

email:  WilliamAHuston at gmail

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